Frequently Asked Questions

  • General

  • What is Copyleaks?

    Copyleaks is an advanced cloud platform for tracking and tracing content on the web. Copyleaks enables various content related usages:

    • Academic - Verifying content authenticity and originality in the academic world
    • Copyright protection - Detecting plagiarism in the online publishing world
    • Security - Identifying internal document leaks and distribution
    • And more…

  • Who is Copyleaks for?

    Copyleaks can benefit anyone who ever published or wrote textual content. Whether you wrote a short assignment for school or own a small blog, or you work for a big publishing company or academic institution, you have to protect your content from plagiarism and make sure it is original. Our 3 main services were developed for these groups:

    • Businesses
    • Media Publishers
    • Consulting Firms
    • Law Firms
    • Scientific Journals
    • SMBs
    • Academic
    • Professors
    • Students
    • Teachers
    • Faculty
    • Websites
    • Website Owners
    • Content Creators
    • Bloggers
    • Editors
    • SEO Agencies

  • How much does it cost?

    Copyleaks offers a free scan of textual content for plagiarism up to a limit of 10 pages a month, which equals 10 Copyleaks credits (a page contains up to 250 words). For higher volumes you can find the plan that fits your needs and purchase credits. The links to the different plans: Academic Plans, Businesses Plans, Academic API plans, Businesses API plans, Websites API plans.

  • How can you contact us?

    You can you contact us here. You can also reach our us at 1-855-633-9355. We would be happy to hear any thoughts, suggestions, or remarks you might have.

  • How does Copyleaks find the results?

    Copyleaks has a very advanced cloud search software that searches for your content on billions of webpages, sites and also online databases. Our algorithms find comprehensive yet accurate results and work in almost every language.

  • What file types are supported by Copyleaks?

    You can scan files for plagiarism in different file formats. Currently, we support the following file types: HTML, TXT, PDF, DOCX, DOC, RTF, JPEG (containing textual content). Let us know if you need support in other file types.

  • How To Use

  • How do I sign up?

    Signing up to Copyleaks is very easy. Click here to get started.

  • How do I choose the content I want to scan?

    It depends on which Copyleaks service you are using. On the Academic and Businesses services, go to your Dashboard and choose ‘Add New’. This is where you can choose between the scan of a file, URL or raw text. On the Websites service, choose 'Add new site' and then press on ‘Protected Pages’ to add webpages on your site that you would like to scan for plagiarism. You can also choose ‘Sitemaps’ and then add your site’s sitemap. This will scan all of the pages defined in your sitemap for plagiarism.

  • How will I know if someone copied my content?

    It depends on which Copyleaks service you are using. On the Academic and Businesses services, go to your Dashboard and choose the content that you wish to see its results from ‘Your Scans’. This is where you will see a list of results ordered by the percentage of similar content. You can also press on ‘compare’ to see the full text comparison between your content and the specific result. On the Websites service, go to your site’s ‘Overview’ and choose ‘Results Found’. You can press the icon on the ‘Compare’ column to receive the text comparison with the specific result.