Best Practices for Teachers to Find Plagiarism in Student Work

plagiarism detector for teacher

With a new semester comes fresh intentions of how you as teachers can better serve your students. This also includes how you can utilize your own time better so lesson planning can improve. We have our quick tips of how Copyleaks can help you be an even more effective teacher this semester.Snap in a Sec

When you  use the mobile app available on iOS and android devices, you can easily take a photo of a student paper and scan it in seconds so you know if that text that sounds vastly different from their usual language is them or a source they forgot to include.

Compare Documents

If you told your students that only a certain amount was allowed to be used from a source you provided them with, check it in seconds by comparing the document against their work. This is also useful if you sense that two students’ work may have been copied from one another. Get a quick report of the similarity percentage and word count so you can continue grading and spending time on other tasks.

Batch Upload

Submit the papers, continue teaching, and get results when they’re ready with our batch upload. Submit a whole classroom’s worth of work (up to 100 documents) and quickly figure out which students papers you need to dig into more deeply.

Time is one of the most important and limited assets a teacher has. When you’re able to save time, you can be a better teacher. Talk with us about using Copyleaks plagiarism detection for your classroom today.

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