You probably have a list of websites that you love to visit to watch your favorite show or share your thoughts. Social media and news platforms play crucial roles in our lives, without a doubt. But do you have a special list of educational websites for students that can be lifesaving for your academic progress? If you still don’t know where to start to collect great websites that help you, we prepared this top of useful resources for you. 

These services are both designed to stay updated with the latest news that can boost your creativity and ease your daily routines. We also included websites that can visibly save your time in search of such answers to the topics of career opportunities and money-saving offers. Enjoy the read!

1. TED Talks

If you need a constant boost of your creativity and new perspectives to look at ordinary things, TED Talks is a perfect choice for you. It has thousands of unique videos and various speakers who encourage you to discover something new every day. You can find a talk in almost any subject area provided by experts and leaders of the industry. 

The platform is available in more than 100 languages, subtitles and transcripts of the speeches. It is completely free to use for everyone, and you can also access additional resources hosted by TED. 

2. Copyleaks

If you are trying to achieve a high academic score, you must avoid plagiarism. Most educational institutions respond by taking action against plagiarism. Institutions have policies against plagiarism and take action if students are found to have plagiarized. The use of a student plagiarism checker is an excellent solution to avoid unintentional plagiarism. Copyleaks is the answer to this problem.

Students in middle school, high school, and graduate degrees can use Copyleaks to check for plagiarism. Students can use Copyleaks plagiarism checker to find plagiarized content in their assignments. Our advanced technology efficiently compares your document with web, internal databases, journals, and billions of documents to find duplicate content.

3. PaperWriter

Each student, especially during their freshman year, is horrified by the amount of writing they have to do. Every time you ask yourself, “how to write my paper”, you are left with even more questions. You can always contact your supervisor and ask for their help or choose professional services.

PaperWriter is a platform with professional essay writers who can assist you with the most difficult tasks and guide you in doing relevant research. You can be sure that you will find an expert in every subject area and receive a high-quality service without having to worry about deadlines. 

4. Studyfy 

The essential part of studies also consists of revision and review of your own papers. It’s always hard to be objective with your writing, and you have to put extra effort into learning the art of editing and revision. Fortunately, some services can take this skill to the next level. 

Studyfy is one of the best websites for students out there. It has a vast collection of essay samples, articles, guides, both on writing, essay editing, and many other aspects you have to know when working with papers. Studyfy has experts in all subjects, and you can definitely find an appropriate professional to help you with the review and editing of the professor’s comments.

5. Coursera

Coursera is one of the websites for students with thousands of courses hosted by the best universities all around the globe. It is an additional source of inspiration for many students and professionals and the possibility to acquire news skills with a flexible schedule. You can easily sign up and use the perks of free courses and pay only if you want a certificate that proves your knowledge. 

Coursera is not limited to specific subjects and allows you to find anything from arts to coding. The course structures are easy to follow, and the materials that hosts provide can be a big advantage for your further research.

6. Healthline

The life of a student is stressful enough with all things you have to deal with, from having to find an apartment to rent to your papers and exams. It is one of the most intense periods that require your full focus on your goals. As an additional resource for self-help, you may subscribe to Healthline, another great resource for your health and wellbeing. 

The platform helps you to cope with the most common problems that students face. However, it is not a proper substitute for therapy or counseling, which you should take into consideration.

7. Wired

It may only seem that Wired is an entertainment digital magazine and that you can only use it as a source for hobby inspiration. In fact, Wired covers a plethora of topics that may be relevant for your research and encourage you to search deeper into new areas of tech and arts. It has thousands of articles on the subject of science, business, security, and others. 

Wired is a must in a bookmark list of every student who wants to stay updated and inspired with the new trends and ideas.  It is completely free and easy to access and contribute to the Wired community.  

8. Bright Knowledge

If you ever searched for the most convenient collection of relevant articles on various topics, Bright Knowledge is the goldmine for any student. Bright Knowledge can assist students in the most challenging questions of their careers and learning opportunities. As well, you can find much helpful advice from health and wellbeing to money and housing. 

Without a doubt, Bright Knowledge is a saving grace for anyone who doesn’t have external support. The well-written and researched articles will save plenty of worries for you. 

9. LifeHack

Lifehack is unique in terms of having the vast collection of useful articles written by experts and free courses that they provide. The platform covers various topics from goal setting to learning progress, and it is a must resource in anyone’s bookmarks. It is different from many platforms that offer “quick” solutions for anything. 

Here you can find practical advice that actually works. Lifehack also has its YouTube channel with plenty of topics to consider.

10. Gizmodo

College experience doesn’t revolve solemnly around academic experience. It is a time when you have to deal with your finances and shop for yourself. Gizmodo is a must-have website for students in your bookmarks list to ease your time dealing with tech-related aspects. 

This website is designed to provide you with the latest news on tech and gadget reviews that can save you a couple of hundreds of dollars. If you are not tech-savvy, Gizmodo will unlock everything you need to know about the world of software and hardware. 

Bonus: 11. The Balance Careers

If you want to prepare for your perfect career path, it’s about time to add The Balance Careers to your reading list. This platform has one of the most efficient and effective collections of guides on resume writing, interview tips, internship opportunities, and many other subjects. Without a doubt, this website will be your first resource to consult with to ease your anxiety associated with job perspectives.

All articles are written and revised by human resources, career planning, and job search experts. The Balance Careers is a part of the Dotdash publishing network, which includes many top-notch platforms like Investopedia and Verywell. 

Wrapping Up

This list of the websites for students can visibly ease your time: from tech magazines to the best career choice platforms out there. It is a solid collection you can add and then extend your research further. Don’t forget to always have a rest, drink water, and look on the bright side of the situation. 

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