3 Ways Bloggers Can Keep Plagiarism at Bay

In This Blog

Being a blogger is exciting for many reasons, one being you get to share your knowledge or even daily life with followers. What makes each blog so unique is how different your post is to someone who may be writing about the same exact topic. It’s always a good idea to be conscious of where your writing is appearing, here are a few ways to make it even easier!

Outside Links

Learning where your backlinks are coming from can help you discover new websites to collaborate with. On the other hand, if you work is being republished without permission, this is one way to find out where it is coming from and you can immediately contact that site.

Write in Your Style

Your followers are intrigued with not only what you are writing about, but how! Make sure you have a distinct style and voice that you are able to weave through any piece you are writing about. Many times your own followers can recognize if something is too similar on another site to your writing just from the style.

Plagiarism Detector

A routine and automatic plagiarism scan that you have to just set and go is perfect for any blogger. Copyleaks tells you anytime your work has been used elsewhere online without you having to search individual blog posts.

There is always a way to keep your blog protected and your search engine rankings high. Keep plagiarism at bay with Copyleaks.

Find out what's in your copy.

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