4 Tools Every Student in School Should Use

Person holding iPhone

Getting all your schoolwork done in between extracurriculars and hanging out with friends sometimes seems impossible. Whether it’s midterm season or even the beginning of the school year, these are 5 great tools to keep your school work top-notch.


Even if you’re not in Spanish III, improving your skills of a particular language will work the parts of your brain you forgot to check on. Set a time everyday to increase to the next level and see your next quiz scores increase too!


Taking another course about one of the subjects you are learning can give you a deeper and more well-rounded idea of what you are currently studying. The classes are taught by many of the best instructors and will leave you wanting to know more.


Working hard on your term paper, senior thesis, and even one page essay are all nearly finished before you scan your work to be sure there is no plagiarism taking place. Use the app to your phone and even take a photo of your work for a quick scan before you hand in what will surely be one of your best papers.


Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Candy Crush….the list of all your favorite distractions is practically endless. Sometimes the only way to have self-control is to not even have the option to access those apps. Choose your favorite apps that just need to give you a moment, or couple hours to get your work done. Distraction free work IS possible if you let it be.

There’s an app for everything and these four will keep you producing your best school work!

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