5 Must-do’s in School This Fall

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With Labor Day in the distant past, we all know the feeling of school being in full swing. As the leaves start to change color and we get settled in our routines, it’s important to remember how to ace more than your grades!

Here are the 5 things to guarantee a great fall semester:

1.Schedule time to work on your assignments

Students are more likely to do better in school when they plan ahead. Block out a chunk of time to complete your assignments every day. If you know a big test or paper is coming up, plan ahead to have extra time. When you finish early, you’ll thank yourself and your calendar!

2.Ask for help

During your school career, you start to realize you’re better at some subjects than others. Your best friend might be the captain of mathletics while seeing a simple fraction can make you break a sweat. Luckily, schools and colleges offer many resources for you to succeed. Whether it’s math tutoring or how to write your first research paper, there will always be a teacher, tutoring center, or even a friend in class that will help you get the grade you deserve.

3.Try something new

Every school year there is an opportunity to try your hand at something new. Been itching to play volleyball after you played all summer? Sign up for the intramural team. Want to take your love of the environment to the next level? See which earth clubs are at school. Having a well-rounded school experience is what makes your semester more fun.  

4.Check for plagiarism

In between your extracurricular activities, writing those big papers will be something that happens at least once a semester. When you’ve finished editing, checking for plagiarism is one of the most important things to do. Students who are accused of plagiarism can face penalties like failing a class, suspension, or even expulsion. An easy way to prevent plagiarism is with a free plagiarism checker like Copyleaks. Use the website to upload papers and scan in minutes, or even download the mobile app to snap a pic of your paper when you’re on the go.

5. Have some fun!

School will bring you some of the best memories of your life. In between volleyball and Earth club, it’s important to enjoy all of the fun school has to offer. Always add a spot in your calendar to hang out with friends, go to the homecoming football game, and just enjoy life.

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