5 Things to be Thankful For

5 Things To Be Thankful For

It’s Thanksgiving eve and we’ve got a lot to be thankful for now that the holidays are on their way. Here are the five things we wanted to share we’re so grateful for now and always!

Ability to Read Almost Anything

Now this is something that many people don’t even take a step back to appreciate that often. But if you think about the vast amount of information that is available to people with internet access or a public library system alone, there is so much to read, learn, and even write about. Knowledge is power my friends!

Cyber Monday Sale

This coming Monday is one of our favorite internet holidays. In honor of Cyber Monday we will be offering 15% off all services with the code CYBER17

Connecting Around the World

Between social media, forums, and all kinds of sharing economy and various platforms, there are endless ways to connect with people next door or on the complete other side of the world. You never know what you may learn when checking out a forum about your favorite topic!

New Features Coming! 

By the end of this year and early 2018 we will have a slew of features we’re excited to share with you. Stay tuned for what’s to come to make Copyleaks even better!

Our Team….And You! 

Call us cheesy, but we’re always thankful to be working with such a great team and of course for you, our readers. We’re always looking to take Copyleaks to the next level and we couldn’t do it without you.

Wishing you and your loved one a happy holiday and we’re thankful to create new posts for you right here on this blog!

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