Speed up your duplicate file checking process with these Tips

The utility of a Duplicate File Finder

Duplicate files are those types of files, which are mostly irrelevant and take up much space on the disk of the computer users. Sometimes the users can save any new file because of that. So it’s essential to clean up these files regularly. Luckily there are several duplicate file checking apps available online these days. These apps allow users to detect and omit the files easily. The best app among those apps is an app called duplicate file finder

The duplicate file finder is the best option to find duplicate files, documents, photos, videos, music, and other things in a short time. A test had been conducted to find out which app takes the minimum time to scan the home folder on MacBook Pro with a solid-state drive.

duplicate file checking

The result proved that Duplicate File Finder won by defeating famous duplicate file checking apps like Dupe Guru, Gemini 2, Duplicate Detective, and Easy Duplicate Finder.

How to speed up duplicate file checking process by using duplicate file finder:

Though the duplicate finder app is fast enough to increase the speed of search, the users should open the preferences window of the app at first. And after that, they have to follow the following instructions to delete duplicate files.

 1) General Tab:

If the computer user has many files and the app needs to do a comparison test to find the copies, they can easily do that manually by minimizing the file size to be scanned with the help of duplicate file finder.

This option is quite useful when someone needs some disk space real quick. All they need to do is to increase the file settings so that the app doesn’t require checking multiple items. As a result, it would take lesser time to search for duplicate files and documents.

2) Scanning the hidden folders:

The best thing about duplicate file finder is that not only can it find duplicate files; it is also able to find the hidden files and folders.

There is a unique option the users can use to find and start the scan of the hidden folders to know whether those are duplicate files or not. The only drawback is that it can slow down the scanning process a little.

3) Duplicate File Finding process:

This particular app compares all the contents of the files in search of duplication. If that option is not available for some reason, then the app checks only some parts of the file.

It applies only to binary file formats. Duplicate file finder checks all the simple format files, such as text, BMP completely.

4) Skipping the list tab:

The users can skip the list tab and add files, extensions, and folders, which won’t be checked for duplication. If they have created duplicates, which they can share in Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other kind of cloud storage.

If they want, they can also add the list of duplicates folders to the skip list, and the duplicate file checking cleaner app won’t scan them. Apart from that, the users can also use this to protect essential folders.

The list also includes extensions of the system. Some files and folders, so that the critical files of the system don’t get deleted accidentally.

5) Usage of automatic selection of the duplicate file checker :

When a computer user has multiple duplicates, it’s evident that it can take much time to detect every byte to byte file and select some of those files manually.

However, the user can erase those files easily with the help of an auto select option, only if he/she knows about the particular file he/she wants to remove.

Users can also add some specific folders to accumulate files, or they can create a never select list and those unwanted files there so they would know what file types not to select. Adding prefixes and suffixes could be a great help in the case of selecting files.

The users can also be unable and disable the rest of the selecting rules by ticking the appropriate checkboxes and by choosing the most needed option.

After that, they can easily select duplicates because of the rules by clicking the autoselect button. It is another way to increase the speed of the duplicate file cleaning process.

6) Tab removal:

In this final step, the users need to remove the tab and set up a system named a permanent duplicate removal system. To successfully end this, they need to complete 3 steps. These are as follows.

a) Make the folders empty:

When the users find and remove duplicate files from a particular folder, it becomes empty.

Then they can move those files to the trash. But if they use a double-file cleaner app, they don’t have to do that, as it can delete those empty folders automatically after erasing the duplicate files.

They have to apply the “remove empty folders” option.

b) Log removal of the duplicates:

If the computer users want to remove the deleted duplicate files history from their MacBook pro, they have to enable this option.

All they need to do is click the duplicate button, which is in the applications menu bar and select the option “restore removed duplicates.”

The best thing about this option is that if someone moved a file in the trash bin by mistake, he/she could easily restore the file by just selecting it.

scan duplicate files

c) Method of the removal:

When the users remove duplicate files by using the duplicate file finder, those are usually sent to trash. Luckily in this method, they can activate the remove option so that they can omit the files without moving them to the trash bin.

It can save the time of the computer users, as they had to take the junk files to the trash and empty it before.

The only disadvantage is that the users have to careful while doing all these because they won’t get a second chance to recover their files.

Conclusion: In today’s world, everyone is running a rat race. Nobody has any time to waste. That’s why using these kinds of apps can save them much time. Using the tips mentioned above, computer users can make duplicate file cleaning fast.

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