A Brief Look at User-Generated Content and the Buzz Around It

Social media has opened up new avenues for users. It has connected people worldwide, which earlier seemed difficult and impossible in letters and telegrams. Social media is one such much-adored gift of technology.

Before delving deep into this context, one must first get accustomed to the term user-generated content:

Social media has provided people a platform for showcasing unique and exceptional talents. UGC content refers to the content created by users. Some user-generated content examples include blogs, performing art videos, vlogging for sharing personal experiences, etc. Easy access to the internet has facilitated an expansion of subject matter. Writers can effortlessly access a diverse range of sources to use within their writing material.

UGC content is generally independent content belonging exclusively to the content creators. However, these are often used by different brands for a marketing campaign. Product reviews especially mention worthy in this context.

user generated content, Video Interview

Among the many types of content creators, vloggers are individuals who mainly focus on providing reviews. Depending upon the popularity, these content creators often become professionals in this field. Since the vloggers can reach numerous followers, any brand can get more exposure through their content.

This is why brands often hire professionals to review their products, eateries, shops, etc., to reach the target audience faster and create a better social media impact. Social media influencers, too, can manipulate their audience positively. On many occasions, social media influencers have become the face of many recognized brands due to their increasing popularity.

How to Make UGC Popular?

Brands often use user-generated content that is readily available in their social media and other marketing channels to promote their brand. On other occasions, they hire these social media influencers to do so. But it occurs to many that why this strategy of using UGC content is becoming increasingly popular?

  • UGC content can both prove to be beneficial and disastrous for a brand based upon the review. The content creators can connect to a more significant section of people; hence, their positive or negative feedback affects the audience’s decision. They have the power to make and break a brand.
  • People spend considerable time on social media sites nowadays. Thus a social media post is now more powerful than an advertisement appearing in TV or printed media.
  • UGC boosts sales. People become familiar with the lesser-known but the better quality product, and unexplored places through reviews. Attractive visuals typically manipulate buyers. A vloggers post certainly grabs more eyeballs and buyers’ attention.
  • There is no denying the social media influencers are in trend. Followers, who are continuously searching for the latest and the trendy, admire them for bringing to them the latest styles, brand new eateries, etc.
Social media influencer
  • These social media influencers have greater appeal to the mass than any celebrity since they cater to their audiences’ needs. They are available for personal communication, one to one chat. They are much more approachable than any other celebrity whose accounts are mostly handled by a third person.
  • Hiring a social media influencer, a freelancer vlogger, is much more budget-friendly. Imagine a simple social media post having the same effect as an advertisement portraying a celebrity minus the cost.
  • In today’s time, when information is so readily available, people demand complete transparency. They conduct a background check before visiting any place or opting to buy a product. They tend to trust people with first-hand experience better than advertisements with high production value created for promotion.
  • User-generated content presents content in a manner that is more relevant and up-to-date. For example: using hashtags appropriately to boost posts to reach more people in less time.
  • Brands get lots of variations since there are end numbers of content creators. However, selecting UGC content requires more attention due to the growing rate of plagiarism on the available content.

Drawbacks of User-Generated Content:

  • With the rise of duplicate content creation, brands often cannot distinguish original content from a copied one. As a result, the duplicate page content, which is rarely reliable, affects the consumers’ purchasing decision.
  • The contents created through UGC plagiarism are mere copies committed to having the benefits from the brands. Promoting copied content denies the original content creators the recognition they deserve.
  • Some contents are solely created to get rewards and benefits from the brands. People creating such plagiarized content are undeserving rivals using duplicate content to gain popularity in social media and affecting the hard work and creativity of the content creators.

Ways to Avoid Plagiarism:

  • The content creators themselves must check for plagiarism in their content with a plagiarism checker available online to avoid intentional and accidental plagiarism.
  • Another way to protect the original content creator’s interest is to have copyright over the content, be it written piece, images, or videos. Using another person’s ideas is also a sort of plagiarism and a punishable offense if used without the owner’s knowledge. The offender faces a penalty, often resulting in monetary loss.
  • With a simple step of source citing, one can avoid plagiarism. This includes acknowledging the source and the content creator to give them the credit they deserve.
  • How search engines manage plagiarism is quite different than how websites handle it. The content creator can report duplicate content under the copyright act. Search engines, in such cases, lead users’ search to the original source of a copied content with the help of 301 Redirect
  • Using a plagiarism checker can help the UGC creator to create plagiarism-free content. Copyleaks is one such duplicate content checker that makes things easier for the users, as they can readily check their written content here and have an accurate result in realtime. Thus, gathering more genuine customers.


If any company is not using user-generated content, they are missing out on essential marketing strategies. The growing competition in this sphere is driving content creators to deliver better. This continuous drive of excellence benefits the companies and brands.

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