Advantages of AI in Education to Change the Mode of Learning

Technology and applications of artificial intelligence have changed the traditional model of education. They have made education more inclusive, and at the same time, the burden on teachers is also decreased. In the case of the traditional mode of learning, the teacher-student ratio has been a big concern. AI has reduced it to a significant level.

The advantages of AI in education have given the educational sector a chance to strengthen its base for future requirements of having more students in a class. In the last few years, AI for education has developed significantly worldwide, and schools are gradually implementing them to ensure the growth of all the students.

Most institutions are incorporating new policies and strengthening their technological infrastructure. It is happening because the traditional education model is undergoing rapid changes. It can allow them to use several AI-based tools to improve the learning experience of their students.

At the same time, they can get more students from outside the country who want to access a particular course. It can also decrease the pressure on the educators. They can get rid of a load of checking a massive number of answer sheets and academic essays. The advantages of AI in education have also ensured quality education improvement for both educators and students.

An Overview: How Advantages of AI in education have changed the Mode of Education?

Here are a few advantages of AI in education that are leading towards a futuristic educational system:

Learning Management Platforms:  The students can access their course anytime and from anywhere. The educators can set a course for the students and then take assignments to check their progress. The LMS platforms are highly dependent on AI. The AI system can help to track the progress of students and generate a percentage. The AI tool can also track the students participating in the course.

Personalization:  The advantages of AI in education have helped the students to get a personalized course. The student can track their progress with the help of AI, and at the same time, AI can identify the weak areas for the students to improve themselves. The AI tool can also add tips for the betterment of specific areas the students were lacking.

24/7 access to the Course:  AI-based education has made it easier for students from different countries to choose a course from reputed universities of their choice. In case a student can access courses offered by overseas universities. In this case, time-zone can be an issue. AI-enabled tools have given the students the scope to access the course 24/7. It has ensured the inclusivity of education for the students. It is also equally helpful for the working students or for those who cannot attend regular classes for being preoccupied.

Automation of course:  AI has been highly helpful in automating the course. It can choose course materials like textbooks, videos, lectures for the students. They can also notify the students about new content in the course and provide an overview of their progress by making learning curves. For the students who opt for self-education, AI can be immensely beneficial. The tool can also make a routine for them, which can help them have better progress with the course.

Ensuring a Better engagement for the Students:  Many students get into online courses that require constant participation from them. It can be time-consuming and difficult to track if a student is present in class for the teachers. The AI tool can help in tracking a student’s engagement in class. At the same time, the personalized mode of education modulated by AI can make it interesting for the students. It can see a fair rate of participation from the students.

Helpful and personalized Guide for the Students with special requirements:  The tools with AI technology efficiently work with students with special needs. The tools help visually impaired students, children with ASD, or issues like hard to hear to catch up with their lessons. It can solve the low number of professionals who are trained to teach the students with special requirements.

Automated tutoring and chatbots:  As the teacher-student ratio is still not satisfactory, the advantages of AI in education have helped, improving it. As the students cannot stay connected with the educator throughout the day, they may take the help of the AI chatbot or AI virtual personal assistants.

They can help the student with their doubts and weak areas, and the students do not need to hesitate about opening up about their problems and weaknesses. It can be time-saving for the teacher as well.

Grammar checker tool:  Many students are concerned about producing an error-free academic paper, but grammatical errors may prevent them from doing so. AI technology has been an essential component of many grammar and spelling checker tools.

On occasions, plagiarism checkers may fail to produce an accurate result because of frequent grammar or spelling errors. The students can use these grammar checker tools to scan their writing and correct grammatical and spelling errors. It can help them in creating a high-quality academic paper.

The AI tool can also help a teacher to correct students’ papers. The process takes much less time than when it is checked manually.

Plagiarism checker tool:  Plagiarism has been the biggest concern of educators as well as institutions. Over the years, there is a surge in the number of cases of plagiarism. AI is very apt in tackling this problem. Therefore, online plagiarism checker tools like Copyleaks use AI. Copyleaks plagiarism checker is very effective and can generate an accurate result. The students can scan their academic papers or essays with the checker tool.

The checker conducts a thorough scan to execute an accurate result by comparing the content with the other articles present online. They produce a detailed report with the plagiarism percentage. The tool also highlights the copied part and mentions the source of these parts. The students and researchers can comfortably work on those parts to produce a plagiarism-free article. The educators can also use these tools to grade the student and find out the plagiarized papers.

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