All You Need to Know About Citing Your Site

It’s Not Very Difficult to Define Citation

The appropriate use and technique of citation is a part of writing errorless content. If you are a beginner wondering what the actual definition of a citation is, we have the information you seek.

While this seemingly easy task does not include many technicalities, but proper citation carries an absolute value by which the quality of any content might be judged.

Whether one’s website or a writer working for an organization, all writers should be familiar with the citation meaning before they indulge in creating content.

As for the aspiring writers or students writing papers for the first time as part of their academic research work, the question may hover through their minds: What is a citation?

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Well, the citation is the process of acknowledging the sources or inspiration for one’s written work. The writer mentions and documents the sources he or she has used or has taken reference from while completing their original creation.

Citation in Digital Content

  • Writers in all fields are much dependent and indebted to digital resources. Along with opening up new avenues for the users, the easy accessibility of digital content exposes them to the risk of plagiarized content. The duplicate content can be easily differentiated from the original one using free online plagiarism checker tools. These issues of accidental copying can be easily avoided by learning the art of citation. 
  • While creating content digitally, the writer needs to be alert as not be indulge in unintentional plagiarism. Citing your site with reference helps to make the readers aware of the sources one has taken help from. It maintains clarity on the part of the writer.
  • Other than directly quoting someone else’s work, paraphrasing and careless copying, quoting lines from others’ written work may also lead one’s work to be considered as a duplicate content. Citation meaning should be clear to the content creators to understand the usage of the resources available better online.

Citing Your Site

The simple task of citing is done with the help of writing a bibliography. The citation for a printed source and a digital source is somewhat similar.

  • The writers need to mention the name of the author of the source. While it seems easy for a printed source, sometimes even this necessary information is not available for online sources. Significantly articles, blogs are sometimes anonymous and lead to ambiguity about the writer’s details. However, in such cases, the writer should opt for the publisher’s details, which may be available with the written work.
  • Date of publication: For books, the publishing date is easily traceable, so most of the published blogs, articles, essays, and online books.
  • Page number details: In the traditional citation method, mentioning the page number of the source work is a must. It is another challenge for the website sources, which rarely contain page number details. The page or URL’s web address is provided as necessary detail about the source to shed any confusion that may arise, for web content generally.
  • Process: The entire procure is completed in alphabetical order for easy reference of the readers and further reading by the readers.
  • Ideal citation: An appropriate citation enables one’s readers to locate the information they seek in just one click within a few seconds. Writers must include complete information about the source instead of the mere mention of the site address.

Need of Citing Your Site

  • Respect the author’s creativity: quality work is a well-researched and well prepared written work. It takes enormous effort on the part of the writer to jot down the points, develop the idea that they might have been nurturing for ages. It includes thorough research, lots of reading, and using one’s creativity. Including part of that work without proper citation or acknowledgment is not only plagiarism but also an offense that often leads the offender to face legal charges. Citation provides the well-deserved recognition of the writer’s work and gives them credit for their effort.
  • To protect their sole right over their content, especially digital content, many organizations have copyrighted over their published content to stop unauthorized usage of resources and limit unwanted access. The plagiarism checking tools available in different search engines identify plagiarized content in a few minutes. Thus for freelance writers, having a clear conception about the definition of citation is equally essential.
  • A work of art aims to encourage readers to be motivated to read more. Citation provides the writers with the scope for further reading introducing them to new works of other writers.

If one’s work can inspire the readers, they are automatically encouraged to seek more meaningful insight into the related topic. It creates scopes of gathering more knowledge on the part of the readers.

  • No matter how expert we are in creating flawless blog posts, there is no denying that our inspiration often leads to unintentional repetition of the same words or expressions as used by some other writer. To shed the chances of such occurrences, citation for bravery is the best and safest way. Unique content is more valued than an informative but copied one.
citing your site, Repetition
  • For a student, researcher, writer, or anyone associated with the academic field, originality is of utmost importance. Proper citation and acknowledging others’ hard word improves the quality of one’s content. Citing your site also saves you from the trouble of going through the scrutiny of plagiarism checkers for bloggers and writers.

Plagiarized content not only leads to embarrassment and damage to the reputation of an individual and organization. At times it also threatens the career of the writer.

Make use of the plagiarism checker tools available online for making original and better quality content for a website. Copyleaks can provide you with the best result in this regard!

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