An Interview with an Author: Heidi Gray of “Artist’s Road Trip to Success”

Copyleaks interviewed Heidi Gray

At Copyleaks, we love learning more about who is using our service and how it helps them. This week we interviewed Heidi Gray, author of “Artist’s Road Trip to Success” to learn about her own trip to success and how she helps artists with their businesses.

Who are you and what is your book about? How long have you been writing about this and working in this field? My name is Heidi Gray. I am the owner of smART Business Publications LLC, as well as a public speaker, professor, author, marketing consultant, and previous gallery owner. I wrote the “Artist’s Road Trip To Success” because I thought artists around the world deserved a chance to have a viable art career. Unfortunately, only 10% of the top art schools are giving our students the necessary educational tools to thrive in this very competitive environment.  So, with the help of some of the biggest luminaries in the art world, the “Artist’s Road Trip To Success” was started five years ago. It is a compilation of 27 chapters of expert advice, business forms, legal contracts, and a ton of inspiration to keep an artist going each and every day.

Who is your typical reader?  Since the arts appeal to a wide range of people, my audience base is quite varied.  I will have a young student in college pick up the book, but then have a senior starting their retirement find it helpful.

What’s something easy every author can do to improve their writing? If I could do it all over again, I would have hired a great editor.  When you have been married to a project where you read and reread the same information all the time, you can easily miss grammatical errors or formatting issues.

Why are you using Copyleaks? I used Copyleaks after my eBook was created. I wanted to make sure that the layout and text matched the physical copy.

What do you think are the benefits of having a tool like Copyleaks? Copyleaks is an invaluable resource to use when comparing two types of documents. The service is free and it is extremely easy to use.    

Can you share more about your writing process?  Try to enjoy the process.  One of the biggest mistakes a writer can do is put unrealistic expectations on finalizing his or her book.    

What is one tip you can give to anyone who is just starting to write a book? Take each page one day at a time. If someone said that I would be writing a book that is over 470 pages, I might have panicked and stopped writing the book.     

What’s next?  I want to empower artists all throughout the world. It is a tough business, but with the right guidance, everybody has a chance to succeed. So, I have been meeting with art organizations throughout the United States, and I started teaching a Business of Art course at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada.  

You can buy “Artist’s Road Trip to Success” here.

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