The Best Plagiarism Detection for the School Year

With the school year inching closer and closer to a start, it’s important to have everything in order. Pencil box, calculators, journals, and the best way to check for plagiarism no matter who you are in school.

Parents and Students

Starting as early as third grade, students are learning the concept of plagiarizing and not taking work from a fellow student, book, or online source. As a parent it can be a good idea to scan with your child their work while you read and edit it for them. This helps them understand the importance of creating their own work whether it’s from imagination or a history paper that needed to be done over the summer. As a student all the way through post-grad courses, it’s smart to get in the habit of checking your sources are in place and no quotes were left behind!


Scanning work for plagiarism may be something you’ve been doing for more than a decade, but finding out where the sources come from can sometimes be the tricky part. Comparing against previous semesters’ papers as wells as the internet and other databases allows you to rest easy knowing your students’ work has been checked.

Faculty & Administration

Finding a software that the whole school can use (yes students too) is no easy task. With so many other tools the students and teachers are using in and out of the classroom, it’s nice to know your teachers’ lives are being improved and of course saving time when they’re able to scan work (up to 100 files at a time) using Copyleaks.

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