Different Ways to Use The Comparison Tool

April 11th, 2018

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Different Ways to Use The Comparison Tool

Comparing documents against one another is useful for many different situations. Whether in your own notes, student work, or reports you’re working on for business purposes, these are only a few ways the Copyleaks free compare text tool will be helpful.

Student Work

When teachers assign essays and final reports, they are always hoping for the most authentic and honest version of work their students could produce. When you need to compare student assignments against one another to be sure there was no copying or foul play, this is the ideal tool to save you time.

Notes from Class

Most professors are teaching for a few hours every week with lesson plans to explain each topic thoroughly. Many of these lessons are accompanied by powerpoint presentations and lots of different notes that are either projected in front of the class or are later sent through an email. It’s important to check that students didn’t (even accidentally) keep portions of the written notes in their assignment.

Specific Sources & Self-Plagiarizing

Comparing text documents against one another is also very helpful when you want to be sure you identify the quotes correctly. Instead of scanning manually through possibly hundreds of pages of each document, you’ll see the similar parts in highlighting to easily identify if your content is written as you would like. This is also very helpful if you need to avoid self-plagiarizing or are referencing content you have previously written.

Comparing documents against one another is useful for so many scenarios involving original writing. The Copyleaks free tool is perfect for when you need to compare text quickly. We want to know-how do you use the comparison tool? Try the compare docs tool for free here.

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