Ethical Issues in Education – What are the most common ones? | Copyleaks 2022

The Problem of Ethical Issues in Education. When it comes to ethical issues, there are plenty of them in our education systems that need to be addressed. Students and teachers both are often associated very closely with such ethical issues in schools. Some of these are because of their direct involvement while others may be […]

Top Copywriting Tips to Write a Compelling Copy

Copywriting is the occupation or act of writing text advertising purposes or promoting marketing. The product is known as sales copy or written content that aims to increase organic traffic of the brands and persuade an individual or group to take a specific action. If someone wonders about who creates brochures, billboards, jingle lyrics, catalogs, […]

LMS Comparison: Schoology vs. Canvas vs. Blackboard

The LMS software has been there since the 1990s. It helps bridge the training and learning gap and utilizes analytical data at the same time. Types Of LMS Platform LMS Platform Description Canvas Both the educators and students use the best LMS platform and endeavor to make learning and teaching faster. It offers a healthy […]

What Types of Papers Can You Expect in College?

Topic-based essay writings provide students with enough topics under each essay category. Essays can be deeply personal that focuses on introspection/retrospection that expresses the perspective of the narrator. They can also be highly logical and formal, like an argumentative essay. As a student, it is best to know about types of essays. It helps to […]

What Are Text Analysis APIs? How Do They Work?

New developments in technology have changed businesses across the world. Digitalization is gaining a lot of prominence, and to adapt to the changing standards, most companies have started doing their business online. The utility provided by various types of software online enable companies to track changes in demand and supply and in consumer trends and […]

8 Great Pieces of Software to Streamline Your Copywriting Process

Great copy is both an art and a science. That’s what makes it so challenging. Copywriting should be authentic, engaging, and genuinely enjoyable to read. However, it also needs to be backed up by the right keywords, current research, well-placed links, strong brand identity, and more. That’s a lot to ask from a job that […]

Can an online paraphrasing tool create unique content? Let’s break the myth!

While it is possible to create unique content with a paraphrasing tool, these tools are not as good as human copywriters. The best way to create unique content is to write from one’s own perspective because it can make the content more relatable and interesting. The Problem with Paraphrasing Tools The problem with paraphrasing tools […]

How to Write Academic Essays like Professional?

Often students enquire about how to write an academic essay like professionals. It must analyze a particular question with an argument and thesis statement. An essay discusses a topic by evidence or reasoning. Academic essays must have relevant examples to support information from credible sources. Components of an Academic Essay Often students wonder why they […]

How Does Canvas Detect Cheating and Plagiarism?

In the last few years, the field of education has gone through some significant shifts. Online education has become more common and relevant in today’s time. Teaching-learning has become more flexible and has helped thousands of students avail education remotely. Learning management systems or LMS platforms such as Canvas are one-stop solutions to students to […]

A Guide to Providing References in Harvard Style

While writing a piece of content, any writer would try his or her best to make it free of plagiarism. There are a lot of steps to avoid plagiarism, and among them the most important step is to document your references, which is also called citations. However, this is also the part where most writers […]