Compare Two Websites: The Next Step in Text Comparison

Internet is flooded with information now. Writers, blogs, and websites offer different perspectives on the same topic, which adds to the variety. But every piece of information that is available on the internet cannot be trusted.

Many low-quality contents are also available on the website. Since these have so much similarity in their writing pattern and styles with their source site contents, it is nearly impossible to distinguish the plagiarized from the original content.

A website is the face of the author, brand, or organization. It attracts viewers with originality and its uniqueness. Hence, websites must avoid plagiarism to maintain consistency and standard. Plagiarism occurs when content creators knowingly or unknowingly make use of other sources for information without proper acknowledgment.

Accidental plagiarism is also not uncommon. For example: using a copyrighted image from an unknown source, using others’ creative ideas, or paraphrasing a written piece is also considered a form of content theft.

Irrespective of the type of plagiarism, the consequences of creating duplicate content is the same for all.

Why Compare Two Websites

  • Websites are growing like mushrooms every day. Most of these depend on the content created by others to gain popularity. Websites that are well accepted by the users are often rewarded by the brand and even get the opportunity to promote different brands. Such websites deny the credit that the source and content creator deserves. Website content checker tools act as a plagiarism detector that recognizes the source.
  • These websites are expected to give out information to the audience that is genuine and authentic. Duplicate content lacks this integrity and the zeal to provide users correct data. The users use text-compare tools to judge whether the website contains correct facts or not. It helps them judge whether the website is reliable or not.
  • Authors protect their right over the created content with the help of copyright. It limits the access of the outsiders over the printed or digital content and discourages plagiarism. Writers can compare two websitesto identify traces of plagiarism and penalize the offender. Violation of copyright leads the offender to face legal consequences, including monetary and face loss.
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  • To err is human. While developing content or the entire website, the developer might take the help of outside sources. Plagiarism checker tools highlight similar words, sentences, and phrases. Simultaneously, the users can compare two websites, enabling the writers to use the citation for the quoted words, sentences, and phrases, thus reducing plagiarism.
  • Website compare tools are based on the latest technology that is one step ahead of the text comparetools. The publishers can go through the website’s entire content within a few minutes and make the desired changes in the page’s content, including written information and images.
  • The search engine handles copied or duplicate-content issues differently. Duplicate content is not directly taken down from the website or the website if not directly penalized for plagiarism. However, such content affects search engine optimization. Search engines can detect and identify source sites with a plagiarism checker for websites and redirect the user’s search result to the original site.
  • Comparing two websites helps prevent self-plagiarism. Writers often work on a similar topic or repost their earlier blog. But they should maintain transparency in their work. Merely repeating the previous content with little or no change is an example of dishonesty. The readers deserve fresh content with new facts and ideas. With the help of the useful plagiarism detection tool, one can reduce the chance of self-plagiarism.
  • Many organizations hire freelancers to create content or to develop the entire website. Website duplicate content checkeris a dependable way to judge the quality of the freelancers’ content, which often work on a similar subject matter for different publishers.    
  • Finally, the ranking of the website depends on the quality of the content. Compare two websites to keep track of publishers’ rival websites’ work patterns. Healthy competition helps them set the best foot forward.

How Does the Plagiarism Checker for the Website Work?

These tools basically enable the user to compare to websites to look for similarities. Most of these tools are available online and they are free to use. However, to avail of a few of these tools, the writers might need to sign for the site. The process is quite simple:

  • Just like a text compare tool, compare two websites by attaching the page URL is the assigned places.
  • Clicking the ‘compare’ option begins the process of analyzing the two documents and checking for similarity.
  • Generally, the process takes a few minutes to complete.
  • The result is generated and visible on the same page in the form of a similarity percentage.
  • The same result is also available for download for the users.

A thorough analysis of others’ pages also helps the publishers identify their strengths and weaknesses, and those areas they need to improve to gain more traffic. Since these tools aptly point out similar words, the content creators can make the corrections quickly to avoid any accusation of plagiarism.

Before Hiring a Third-Part, Don’t Forget to Have a Glance Below

Often organizations leave the entire job of handing the official website in the hand of a third party with little or no supervision. Such steps can prove to be drastic for the reputation of the organization.

In many cases, these websites are not properly maintained and timely updated. Other than low-quality content and plagiarism, users also struggle to get the information they seek.


Organizations must find a suitable way to reduce this communication gap between them and the target audience. Hence, they should be cautious when it comes to choosing the best tool for their websites.

Copyleaks is one such tool that helps to compare two websites. Either the whole of it, or just a single page, and ensure that the webpage created by a specific firm is good enough to gain traffic, especially concerning the availability of duplicate content on webpages.

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