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December 21st, 2020

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Write for Copyleaks and reach 500,000 monthly website visitors!

Copyleaks constantly receives a very refined and educated audience, who are on the lookout for engaging and knowledgeable content. 

It gets even sweeter. is a 8+ years old domain, with a high DA and very good trust level with Google! 

Copyleaks is accepting guest posts!

If you’re an outstanding writer longing to share your expertise, contact us today!

General Guidelines

  • Backlinks can only be given from
  • The article title and keywords in focus must be pre-approved.
  • Must contain images/infographics/other visuals (we love videos too!) to make it more appealing to the eye. These strictly need to be copyright-free.

Content Copy-text Guidelines

  • Must contain at least 1000 words, submitted in an editable Google Doc format.
  • Must be Non-promotional.
  • Must have references of Copyleaks and/or various Copyleaks for Education and Copyleaks for Business or in any way making internal links natural.
  • The text must be at least 95 – 98% plagiarism-free. We will run it through Copyleaks’ plagiarism detector before publishing the article.
  • The tone of the content must be grammatically perfect and persuasive. 
  • Copyleaks’s editorial team reserves the right to make final edits, which may include removing promotional content, removing competing links, or rewording copy.
  • Once the content is published, Copyleaks will be deemed as the final owner of the content.

Technical Guidelines

  • Must have authoritative external links (minimum 2) to well-reputed and respectable websites (Media websites & .edu websites are great!).
  • Only a maximum of 2 external links leading to the same domain are allowed (any special requests must be pre-approved).
  • Links to Copyleaks blog posts are great!
  • No naked URLs allowed. Brand names & keywords as anchor texts are fine. 
  • (Optional) Can have 2 additional links to your site in the article to resources, blogs, educational content, etc. 
  • All resources must be cited. If you include statistics or material sourced from a site other than your own OR your own site, it must be linked to the original content.

Ready to post? Contact us now at [email protected] to get your approval + detailed guidelines!

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