Copyleaks iPhone and iPad App Are Now Here!

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The Copyleaks team has been hard at work to bring you all the features you love about Copyleaks-scanning, sharing results, and more to iOS and now it’s available! Check out how we’re making your scans on-the-go even easier.

OCR-Physical Content Scan

OCR is one of the coolest features that is only available on the mobile app. Scan physical content of any kind of text including handwritten papers, books, and more. This is perfect for when you are running to class and realize you forgot to scan your (freshly printed) paper. Snap a pic and get results in just a few seconds.

Add Credits to Your Account

When you’re running low on credits, easily add more to your account and simply pay through your App Store account. Get scanning faster when you’re loaded up on credits.

See Scan Results

Easily see any scan results that you’ve done on your phone or computer in one place. When you’ve found a scan result you want others to see, easily share with colleagues, classmates, or your teacher.

Upload Documents

With documents saved in cloud storage like DropBox and Google Drive, we make it easy for you to connect to your folders with the tap of a button. Select any file format and scan instantly.

With the new Copyleaks for iOS iPhone and iPad App, you can be protected from plagiarism even on-the-go. Get it here!

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