Copyleaks Takes on a New Look (and a New Tool!)

A glimpse of our services designed to avoid plagiarism

As a software service provider, we have a dedicated team of professionals who are working hard to prevent plagiarism in the online arena. The primary task of our professional team is to detect all kinds of plagiarism including identical, similar, and related meaning. 

We are excited about our new version that includes several new tools in addition to our plagiarism detection tools. Our unique tool offers advanced scanning of documents in different languages. The cloud-based platform allows you to store, scan, and download documents.

Good News For Freelance Writers—We Have Improved Our Software For You

The software functions offered by us have been upgraded after lots of feedback and requests to ensure that you get the best possible experience. Currently, our team has designed an advanced version of our website and products to enhance your experience. 

The latest version of the entire site has been done to ensure that you can detect plagiarized text in your documents and remove the duplicate text as needed. Our newer services are featured on our latest website, and we are excited to share the details of all the valuable tools designed by us. 

Our inventive tools that are thoughtfully curated for you

We have already developed resourceful tools such as online text compare, grading tool, duplicate content checker and duplicate file finder to prevent plagiarism and ensure the quality of textual matter. 

Our problem-solving approach and the zest to innovate have led to the creation of software services that can easily find duplicate files in the online medium. Your valuable feedback has urged us to test new solutions efficiently. Our latest contains a plethora of new services in addition to our ingenious plagiarism detection tools.

Your Feedback has Helped Us to Upgrade

We have created novel software solutions by utilizing artificial intelligence backed plagiarism software. These solutions are going to aid you in assessing the originality of text files. 

We are excited about these new tools, and we hope you are going to be enthralled to learn about our new services. For you, we have enlisted our upgraded tools below:

You get to download PDF reports: 

Our plagiarism software proficiently highlights plagiarized text. The new feature provided by us allows you to download and save the scan result. A PDF file containing the report includes highlighted plagiarized text and the score provided by our software. 

Minute details about the instances of plagiarism in a file are also included in the PDF file. You are going to find the report instrumental in tackling unintentional plagiarism

Integration with online learning management system: 

We know that online systems are being utilized at a rapid pace for facilitating the process of learning both in K-12 and higher education. Education for us is a vital aspect, and now we have made it possible for you to integrate our services with an LMS system. 

As we thought, so we did, and now we happily provide you with interoperability integration with Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, and Brightspace. Hence, now you can use the facility of our online plagiarism checker for education in a much broader sect such as a school or an entire region because our LTI integration seamlessly detects duplicate content.

Opt for Sitemap scanning: 

This new feature allows you to upload and scan the sitemap for duplicate content for the entire website instead of loading one page after the other. This upload function enables you to acquire a scan result of the entire website that details the presence of duplicate pages and/or plagiarized content

Your worries about search engine ranking and duplicate content on your web page won’t bother you as we are there with our duplicate content checker to help you at every step. 

Instantaneous Plan upgrade: 

Plagiarism scanning is a continuous process, and using a free plagiarism checker might not fulfill your purpose because free checkers come with a limit of how many documents can be scanned monthly or daily. 

You might want to switch over to a premium membership to scan bulk documents. But you are in the middle of a month and have to wait for a new subscription, right? Wrong. We won’t keep you waiting. 

The moment you need to upgrade your account, we have the facility in place for you to make the transition instantaneously. 

Our discounts on yearly plans: 

If you know the number of documents you need to scan in a month or a year, then our yearly subscription discount is just waiting for you. We have customizable plans and discounts on upfront subscriptions. 

Select your plan, scan your fixed number of documents, and save some money in that process. Sounds good, right?

You can make multiple groups: 

With the help of our new features, you have the option to form groups online. Broad accounts for accommodating a company’s or an institution’s data is simplified by us as we have designed account management and group creating tools for your use.

New Folder applications: 

We at Copyleaks are well-aware that the method of online learning and grading system is being revolutionized by technology at a rapid pace. If you are a teacher, then you have to grade and check the assignments of your students. 

Keeping manual records of individual student assignments is a difficult aspect for you. To ensure that all your documents about individual students are carefully preserved for grading and/or future reference, we provide you with the option to create multiple folders. 

Apart from organizing your students’ assignments, you can adequately utilize the folder function for saving data. The possibilities of folder application are endless, and you can customize folders as per your requirement.

Quick(er) scanning: 

Time is of the essence, and we are committed to ensuring that you don’t have to waste time for completing plagiarism scanning of documents. We already have online text compare for determining paraphrased content and duplicate file finder for detecting copied files within a system. 

All these functions are carried out by our plagiarism detector at a lightning-fast speed. To enhance your experience of our evaluation tools, we have upgraded the scanning speed, but the efficiency remains the same.

Upgraded filters and storage system: 

We know how much you love to have advanced filters for scanning documents efficiently. Our improved bulk storage makes it easier to keep documents safe in a cloud-based platform. But we don’t offer bulk storage facilities. 

Our valued subscribers now have the option to compare content internally. Each scan can be compared to the database of Copyleaks. You also get to insert references and quotations in documents with the help of our advanced settings. 

A safe search option is also available under the menu of filters to make your search experience flawless.

Credits Are Now Pages: 

Our terminology has been upgraded to ensure that everything is completely user compliant.

Come explore a disruptive and revolutionary tool to automate the paper grading process

Take advantage of our innovative grading tool. With the help of the AI system, we have created an automated grading service that will provide unbiased results accurately. The sophisticated AI algorithm of our grading tool is ideal for open-ended written assignments. 

The standardized testing procedure of our tool analyzes and grades multiple essays within a minute. The tool utilizes both the neural network of the artificial intelligence, AI, system and your personal grading method. 

Our grading tool is adept at understanding the language level required for the essay. It also compares the essay with other essays that have already been assigned a grade by you. Leave your grading task for us, and we will provide you with realistic results instantly.

Learn more about how you can use GradeON, AI Grading Tool to automatically grade high volumes of written exams.

We are confident that you are going to be just as excited as we are about the newest version of our website and the brand new AI Grading Tool, GradeON. We hope that you will be blown away with our new services when you check your account. 

If you are not, feel free to tell us that. We’re always ready to hear from you to provide you with the better than the best services in the market.

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