Copyleaks vs. Turnitin

September 2nd, 2019

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Detecting duplicate content with the help of Plagiarism Detector

The use of internet has increased a lot as it has made accessing the information a lot easier than before, which created a new problem—the problem of plagiarism. This problem has also grown a lot in the past few decades.

Plagiarism checkers help to detect duplicate content in comparison to other documents that are already stored in the database. The tools used for plagiarism check can also check for grammatical errors that can be easily found in a document if the writer is completing a project in a hurry. The tools can check for plagiarism in multiple pages at the same time and still work efficiently without missing anything.

How Plagiarism Detectors Works

Different plagiarism companies have a different approach towards their tools and they tend to keep the workings of their detectors a secret because of business competitions and other reasons. Companies are updating their software on a daily basis in order to provide a better service to their users and thus, can enjoy the monopoly in the market. However, that is not possible because with the increase in plagiarism there is also an increase in companies who offer this software.

Some of the tools are free of cost and can be used by those college students who cannot afford the expensive ones, apart from that there are also the paid tools. It is not always possible for everyone to buy plagiarism-checking tools, especially by students, and this makes the free online tools more used and talked about in the market.

There are lots of tools used by the students for their paper for plagiarism check, which works with percentages. They provide a percentage of plagiarism that can be detected in particular content and gives a detailed account of the parts where the plagiarism was detected by the checker. 

This helps the writer in understanding the plagiarized part because sometimes there is unintentional plagiarism done by them and with the help of this tool they can easily avoid without much difficulty. Students have been using Turnitin to check plagiarized contents but Copyleaks is slowly giving them a tough competition and the reasons behind it have been discussed here.

The Rise of Copyleaks and the Reasons behind It

Copyleaks is a plagiarism tool, which can be found online and is free of cost. It is one of the best software to check for plagiarism that we can find in the market. It is useful in different fields like:

  • Academic use: Students need plagiarism checking tools for their academic papers to avoid plagiarism. There are free online plagiarism checkers that also help in grammar checking.  Plagiarism can be harmful to a student’s career and they cannot use expensive tools in order to check their papers for plagiarism and are highly dependent on these free tools found on the internet. However, free online tools are often not accurate, since Copyleaks provide accuracy the students do not mind paying for it.
  • Business purposes: Plagiarism checkers are of great use for publishers, who need to edit papers and manuscripts before they can be published. It is also useful for SEO agencies who deal with making a site or content on a site more accessible for a search engine so that they get to be placed in a higher rank in a search result. They need to make sure that they have original content; this is why they need of plagiarism detector so that they always put up original content on the site.

They have features other than plagiarism detection, such as:

  • Copyleaks API: This feature can help the writer detect if any of the company’s or the writer’s content is used anywhere else without taking the consent of the company or the content creator. There is also a feature of routine scans, which helps the system to be up to date.
  • Security of the document: Copyleaks also provide the writer with high-end security, which can help them keep their contents safe and secure.

Other services provided by Copyleaks are:

  • Mobile app: This feature makes everything a lot easier and portable. This can help scan contents by just snapping a picture, as it is not always possible to whip out a personal computer in every situation.
  • Copyleaks for MS-Word: This feature helps to check for plagiarism directly in the contents created with the help of Microsoft word and to get results automatically from within the documents that have already been created.
Copyleaks MS Word Add On
  • Comparison tools: With the help of this feature, the writer can compare documents and can get results if any of them are similar in nature and it helps a lot with future possibilities of plagiarism.

Copyleaks vs. Turnitin

Copyleaks is such a copy content detector that uses Artificial Intelligence or AI to detect plagiarism. Thus, the results are provided in real-time and accuracy is maintained. It is this feature that is not there in most of the plagiarism checkers including Turnitin.

Moreover, the students also prefer Copyleaks over Turnitin because when they are using Turnitin they can just have a plagiarism check but with Copyleaks, such is not the case with this tool they can have both grammar and plagiarism checking.

The latest feature of Copyleaks allows the student to check for plagiarism in the MS-word file only they do not have to separately upload the file elsewhere. It is a unique feature of Copyleaks that is absent in Turnitin which saves a lot of time and error.

Moreover, Copyleaks today is available in the mobile app. Thus, students, content writer, blogger can check their content from anywhere, which makes their task of writing easier.


These differences between the two plagiarism detectors happen to be a key factor when students are given a choice between Turnitin and Copyleaks. Thus, it will not be wrong to say that in recent times people prefer Copyleaks over Turnitin for the above-mentioned reasons.

Avoiding Plagiarism in Academic and Web Content

  • Proper Citation – Citation is an important part of writing any content, especially for students who need to do proper citation of their work if they want to avoid plagiarism issues. Citing the work properly also will help the publishers in their editing and publishing. Students sometimes face problems because they fail to cite their papers properly which often leads towards unintentional plagiarism and the students are penalized heavily for this action.
  • Use Canonical URL – These are used by SEO agencies in order to avoid duplication of content in search engines by specifying what they want their web page version to be. Duplication in search engines is a very common thing as the duplication can happen in various ways. Here comes the use of canonical links, which helps in the detection of duplicities. SEO agencies also use internal links. These can take from one web page to another web page on the same domain. There is software, which can analyze these links and determine their validity. This also helps in plagiarism detection and also helps the website search engine to be in a higher rank.


No matter what people believe, it is not possible for plagiarism detectors to detect all the plagiarism that is going on in a particular paper or manuscript or any other content. They are software created by men in order to detect similar contents and help get rid of those. This software are mainly used in order to get rid of mistakes and duplicate content issues and to avoid duplicate content penalty. There are many online for plagiarism check in the market, which are free of cost, and can be used by students without much hassle. 

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