Creative Content Ideas for Your Small Business

Creative Content Ideas For Your Small Business

As the summer begins to wind down, new marketing strategies for your small business is just what you need to get September off on the right foot. These are some ways to kick your content up a notch that you can either try just one or include all of them!


Setting up a newsletter is a simple way to update your customers about what’s new in your company and they’re the first to know about new features or discounts. The key is to be regular about your posts whether it’s monthly or quarterly and always have relevant information that they can’t find elsewhere.

New Social Media Channel

Your business is probably already on Facebook or Twitter, but is it being updated routinely? Sharing about news in your industry, company interviews, and what’s happening in the office are ways to make your customers feel like they know you. Another idea is to add another social media channel to reach even more business. Have demos of what’s new? Add it to YouTube. You never know who will be interested in what you’re creating.

Free Webinars

Sharing exclusive content can be taken to the next level when you host a webinar for your users. Whether it’s 5 ways to understand analytics, create higher viewed graphics, or simply make a better dinner, going live with an exclusive group makes those viewing feel special and more connected to your company. Be sure to test out the material and speak out loud before you broadcast to your users so you can fix the kinks ahead of time!

Tell us, what’s your way to increase content this fall? Be sure any written content is always scanned for plagiarism with Copyleaks.

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