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In the present world, it is pretty common for students to attend online courses. Students enroll for online courses and do the classes through an LMS platform. This method of teaching-learning is becoming increasingly popular.

Assignments and academic papers are also submitted online. Students need to work hard to get good grades. However, the lack of traditional supervision often leads to copied work. Student assignments containing plagiarized content are also a significant cause for concern.

The academic work done by students should ideally contain original content. However, in many instances, plagiarism is detected in academic papers. With the profusion of online learning, students often take the unethical shortcut of directly copying information from the internet. It is observed that this practice is increasing rapidly.

The rising use of web-based sources often blurs the definition of plagiarism. Many students are found guilty of unintentional plagiarism where they do not even realize that they have plagiarized content from one or more sources. Hence, it is vital to integrate online learning with highly efficient plagiarism detection software so that plagiarism cases can be nipped in the bud.

With a suitable plagiarism scanning system, it becomes easy to separate plagiarized content from original content. Therefore, LMS platforms are using plagiarism detection software for scanning assignments for duplicate content.

The Working of an LMS Platform

The LMS platform is the result of software development. This development is necessary for disseminating educational information conveniently. The software system allows teachers and students to teach and learn through this platform.

The virtual place is suitable for holding classes and discussions required for facilitating the learning process among new learners. The virtual module is highly effective for conducting classes. Teachers and students can engage in teaching/learning without physically visiting classrooms.

The modern era stresses the importance of virtual learning as it is far more flexible and accessible for students. Multiple LMS platforms are operational on the internet. Course providers can choose any particular LMS platform for initiating the teaching-learning process.

Some of the essential characteristics of LMS include:

  • Cloud System for the LMS Platform

The LMS platform can use the Cloud system for running the classes. On the other hand, the system can get hosted by the company as a standalone system. The system can be used for uploading lessons, giving notes, and sharing data with students. The LMS system gets secured with a sign-in procedure.

Only people who have the authority to sign-in are allowed to access the data. Once the data gets uploaded on the platform, individuals can log-in to view the information. The students have the necessary details required for logging into the system for viewing lessons.

It is usually a hassle-free procedure, and within seconds, the student can view the information uploaded on the LMS platform. The LMS platforms are compatible with all kinds of gadgets, so students can use their smartphones to access the platform.

  • Student-Centric Approach in Teaching

The LMS platform follows a student-centric approach where individual learners can follow the curriculum at their own pace. Student queries are handled through doubt-clearing sessions. People who need more time for grasping a concept are allowed to opt for repeat sessions. Hence, the software system allows flexible learning for students through the LMS platform.

Importance of Avoiding Plagiarism

Informing students about the importance of avoiding plagiarism is vital. Online submissions require strenuous effort and hard work. It is essential to instill a sense of responsibility and confidence among budding scholars.

Students should get instructions concerning conducting grammar checking of their assignments and online services; it is effortless to check a paper for grammatical mistakes. Similarly, students can find multiple service providers online that conduct plagiarism checking of papers.

The student’s moral duty is to work independently and check the paper thoroughly before submitting the assignment. Thus, it is wise to check papers with efficient plagiarism software to ensure that assignments are plagiarism-free.

After submission, students are liable for the plagiarism instances present in the paper. However, teachers can allow students to resubmit papers by correctly citing the reference articles used in the paper.

Use Copyleaks Plugin for LMS Platforms

Learning management systems or student information systems (SIS) are established to ensure effective virtual learning. The software developers have modified interface systems into LMS platforms where learning becomes more accessible and practical. However, with the ease of online learning, the surge of plagiarism in student assignments is becoming a concerning cause.

In online learning, the teachers can set the assignment and let the students know about the deadline. Students are allowed to upload their assignments on the platform for grading.

The platform allows automatic grading, and the students can view their mistakes in the grade report. However, pupils are often using this beneficial system in a morally irresponsible manner. They are often engaging in copying information or manipulating articles for completing assignments.

Plagiarism or unethical copying was present before the advent of online learning, but the internet has allowed people to access information quickly. People also have paraphrasing tools that reconstruct sentences. These services and downloaded data are often used for completing assignments.

Referencing and copying are two different things. Using apt references with citations in a dissertation is correct but copying allied passages for an academic paper without any citation is plagiarism. The tenacity of committing plagiarism is increasing rapidly among new learners as cheating has become easy. Plagiarism is detected with a plagiarism plugin on the LMS platform to prevent unethical means among students.

  • Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker Plug-In

Copyleaks developed a plagiarism checker plugin for LMS platforms. It helps in the automatic scanning of submitted assignments. The plagiarism checker plugin is easy to incorporate into the LMS platform.

Additional software installation is not required. Instructors can select the plagiarism scanning option after setting the assignment. By enabling the plagiarism checker, plugin papers uploaded by students will get automatically scanned for duplicate content.

With this plugin, the LMS platform becomes infallible because both intentional and unintentional plagiarism is detected. Students are often allowed to resubmit papers so that they can understand and correct their mistakes.

However, when a considerable portion of the paper or the entire paper gets copied, the paper can be canceled. Therefore, an LMS platform can upgrade education quality by incorporating plagiarism checker software into the system.

Benefits of Integrating Plagiarism Checker Plugin With Schoology LMS

The duplicate content present in a paper can mar the content considerably. With online education gaining precedence, it is vital to have a seamless application for checking papers. The LMS platforms responsible for the smooth running of virtual education need efficient systems for monitoring the content uploaded on the platform. The plagiarism plugin developed by Copyleaks is easy to use on the Schoology platform.

Plagiarism in any content is unacceptable, and due to the increasing quantity of duplicate content online, it has become all the more important to opt for automatic plagiarism scanning.

By integrating the Copyleaks plagiarism checker plugin with the Schoology LMS platform, it would become simpler to detect plagiarism at all levels. Administrators supervising the platform’s work can see the red flags of plagiarism in the system with the AI-powered plagiarism detection plugin.

Regulatory compliance on the learning management system improves the learning experience and curbs duplicate content. Plagiarism detected with the Schoology plagiarism checker is downloadable in the form of a detailed and understandable plagiarism report that the students can use to correct their mistakes. The advanced anti-plagiarism software plugin for the LMS platform helps seamlessly detect plagiarism, thereby preventing further academic dishonesty.

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