Easy Steps to Create a Remote Learning Environment

Remote learning has been practiced for precisely a long time. Since the process is specifically beneficial for working individuals, students undertaking multiple professional courses, and part-time workers.

It cannot be denied that remote learning has its own cons, and in no way can it make up for the face-to-face teaching-learning process. However, it has its own advantages.

Some of the Perks of Remote Learning

  • It offers the learners the opportunity to learn from the comfort of their homes.
  • Students can learn at their own pace since the courses can be customized.
  • Mainly all professional courses offer students the flexibility of choosing their time to learn.
  • Remote learning is a machine-controlled process. Thus, the evaluation process is faster than a physical classroom with a teacher.
  • Learners can receive immediate feedback and correct errors instantly.
  • The answers are generally encoded in the system beforehand. So the system-generated answers are mostly error-free and accurate.

Online Education a Necessity in the Present-Day Scenario

The present pandemic situation has forced all educational institutions to shift the entire academics from the four walls of the classrooms to the living room. The transition from physical school to a remote learning environment at home has not been a smooth one. There have been challenges and adversities which needed to be handled with care.

  • The first step of beginning remote learning is accepting that, in no way, it can replace the physical teaching and learning system. Thus, one must not force students or themselves to replicate a physical classroom situation.
  • To begin with, one has to come up with a proper plan of action to carry on the laborious task of delivering lessons online. They have to impart it with the same ease & effectiveness facilitators conduct classes in a physical classroom setup.
  • Since the entire teaching-learning process is entirely technology-based, students must be ready with a device that is easy to use. Students should make sure to have good internet connectivity for a hassle-free learning experience. This is advisable to both the learners and the facilitators.
  • To carry out remote learning properly, creating an interruption-free classroom-like environment is essential. There should be no distractions whatsoever on the part of the teachers and students as well. Choose a quiet study place with zero intervention from anyone other than the teacher and learner.
  • The sudden change compelled the facilitators to get accustomed to the changing teaching methodologies, styles, techniques, etc. Thus, starting from learning the art of planning lessons and delivering them in online mode effectively, facilitators went through different professional developmental training phases. It helps them to get equipped with the techniques of dealing with this unprecedented situation.
  • Since the teaching methodology is also undergoing rapid change, the traditional chalk and talk method are being replaced by technology-based learning. Various training programs are meant to prepare the mentors to create resources that will supplement the methods and aids used in a regular physical classroom. Teachers can attend these training sessions to make classrooms fun, happening, and dynamic. 
  • For creating a safe remote learning environment, especially for the little ones, the supervision of adults is required. Sometimes the curiousness in children leads them to explore the darker sides of the internet. They access information not appropriate for their age. Since the internet is, involved some sort of parental supervision is necessary still providing the students with the necessary liberty.
  • Students spend a lot of time online. Thus the elongated screen timing can hurt their health and eyesight in particular. The study corner should be well equipped with a study table, chair so that the learners are comfortable and feel ready for the process.
  • Remote learning should be treated exactly like the traditional classroom. Students must be on their best behavior just like in a physical classroom and must learn the netiquettes. Cooperation from students also helps teachers conduct the classes smoothly without hindrances. 
  • One major threat to the entire education system is the rising cases of plagiarism due to remote learning. The children are often left unsupervised during assessments, and learners adopt unfair means of completing a task at hand.

The problem of writing plagiarized content has become a global issue with people looking for a feasible solution. The problem of duplicate content creation is more prominent in higher education, where students are required to write lengthy papers, submit research work, projects, etc.

What Is Plagiarism?

 It refers to the act of using the content creator’s original content and using it without intimation or proper acknowledgment. Plagiarism is unethical and must be dealt with strictness as it destroys academic integrity.

One of the most effective ways of putting an end to plagiarism includes using the plagiarism detector tools.

How Does the Tool Work?

A plagiarism scanner or plagiarism detection tool is an online application that works based on comparison techniques. It compares the content with source content and generates a result highlighting the similarities between the two.

These tools are user-friendly and very fast. Since these operate based on pre-stored data, the result it produces is generally accurate. Many educational institutions make use of the software to report such malpractices.

However, students can safely use other author’s, content creators’ work with appropriate acknowledgment such as citation, parenthesis, etc. With parents’ supervision and mentor’s alertness, the problem of plagiarism can be controlled even in the remote learning environment.

Educational institutions have left no stones unturned to adapt themselves to the changes. From online training to adopting new learning technologies. They have tried their hands at every possible solution to cope up with the problem posed by the sudden change.

For students coming from different socio-economical backgrounds, the availability of proper devices and connectivity is a challenge. However, considering the need of the hour, students have also adjusted to the changing face of education.

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