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Understanding the usage of duplicate finder and formation of duplicate files

Duplicate files are needless, but in many cases, they stay on the computer or other storage devices. Unless you remove them periodically with a duplicate file remover, they can lead to problems in disc space and also create a lot of confusion in terms of tracking file versions.

As a content creator, multiple files are created daily. From textual content to photographic pictures, it is not unusual to come across several copies of the same file. Forgetting to delete the unedited versions or exact copies from the computer increases the junk folder. 

In most cases, these files get stored in various places in the system and are not directly present in the junk folder and so it escapes the view. Such files are unnecessary but can take up storage space. 

duplicate file finder

Failing to delete these files can cram the system and slow the performance of the device. Hence, it is vital to understand the different ways to create copies of the same file. The usual ways that lead to duplicate files in a computer device are given below:

  • Saving files in multiple locations: Copying a file into another folder creates duplicate files. Repeating the copy action multiple times gives rise to several copies. 
  • Keeping both edited and unedited versions of a file: Once a file is edited, it is better to remove the unedited file as both are similar and are treated as copies.
  • Saving the same file under different names: Sending files or saving those under different names creates copies.
  • Using multiple extensions for saving the same content: File and picture extensions are often used. Using a various extension for a file creates a duplicate copy of that file. 
  • Downloading a file multiple times: Downloading a file, again and again, makes duplicate copies of that file in the system. 

Organizational techniques for managing content

It is essential to manage content effectively. However, as the number of content increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage and stack files properly. It is significant to have a list for each kind of file. 

Text files are to be stored separately. The same basic rule has to be followed while separating audio and video files. Hence, having three basic fielders of pictures, videos, and the text file is the first step towards organizing the content on a device. 

With the advent of cloud storage, it has become easy to store data in the virtual platform. This backup facility helps save online copies of documents so that data can be recovered in case of bulk deletion from the offline device.

In recent times online storage is being utilized mainly for creating and storing content. Therefore, organizing virtual storage folders has also gained precedence.

The general methods that help in organizing stored files are enlisted below:

  • Separating data according to type: Audio, video, and text files need to be kept under separate folders to avoid confusion.
  • Using folders for stacking files as per requirement: Create multiple folders to save files systematically under each sub-head.
  • Creating labels to separate files as per importance: The use of tags helps keep track of personal notes, professional documents, and drafts.
  • Sending unwanted files to the trash can: Files that are not required have to be sent to the trash bin to avoid any inadvertent confusion. 
  • Emptying the trash bin periodically: Filling up the trash folder with files also takes up space, and therefore, it is sensible to delete the unnecessary files permanently. 

It is essential to understand that the folder organization requires the deletion of files that are not necessary. Sending a file to the trash folder is not enough because as long as the data is present in the system, it will use up space. 

To find duplicate files manually by going through every folder is an exasperating task. Errors can creep in, and copies of the same file can remain in folders. In this regard, professional aid is useful. Hence, a duplicate file remover comes handy.

Applications like a duplicate cleaner are highly helpful in keeping track of trash files and deleting those periodically. 

The utility of duplicate file remover in curbing the formation of duplicate files 

A duplicate file finder is an application that is prepared to scan storage systems for copied files. The API developed by Copyleaks is a comprehensive tool that ensures faultless scanning of folders.

duplicate file remover

The task of finding copied files in case of images and other audio-visual files is a difficult task. The duplicate cleaner has built features that help find out all types of copied files, from pictures to videos. 

The case of picture files getting copied is not entirely dependent on picture formatting or editing. Capturing images often leads to the creation of multiple images of the same scene. This issue leads to the presence of pictures that show the same view and are, therefore, regarded as duplicates. 

Duplicate cleaners also consider blurry photos or pictures that are of very low resolution as unnecessary. The memory card of professional cameras is often cluttered with unusable images/videos. Scanning the memory card’s storage with a high-quality duplicate scanner helps in getting rid of a duplicate photo and/or duplicate video. 

Hence, not just text files but all kinds of files are scanned by a duplicate scanner. The disc space is the most prominent aspect that is retrieved by using a duplicate cleaner. 

The presence of multiple low-quality audio or video files can cause errors in content creation and posting. Hence, it is prudent to find and delete duplicate files quickly. 


An effective duplicate file remover is essential to find duplicate files, both offline and online, and delete those properly. Hence, it is sensible to opt for a duplicate finder to ensure that the disc space is not used up by unnecessary files. 

The users can try the duplicate file finder by Copyleaks for better user experience, something that they are always dreaming to have at least once.

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