Four Ways to Make Getting Back to Class Easy

Four Ways to Make Getting Back to Class Easy

College and school is officially back in session around the country. While some people started right after New Year’s day, many students had the luxury of relaxing on inter-semester vacation until today. Either way, getting back to class can sometimes be a challenge but not with these four tips.

Find a Reason to Leave Your Dorm

This may sound even silly, especially when there may be a day off from class, but it doesn’t mean (even if there IS a blizzard outside) staying inside is the only option. Find a new place to study, even somewhere that isn’t the currently empty library. A cafe, a friend’s apartment off campus, or other common space can provide inspiration for that first assignment of the semester. Aside from studying, making plans to meet friends, and join a new club are all ways to vary your schedule, especially in the cold winter months.

Set Automatic Reminders

Writing in our journal is fun and does make us remember more, but it can’t automatically notify you about the studying that should be happening.

Schedule Fun

Work hard, work hard doesn’t have quite the ring to it as that popular saying you’ve heard over and over again. Pushing yourself to study, attend all your classes, be healthy, get enough sleep and answer all your texts and emails seems like a full time job. The key to a happy student is balance and having downtime in between all the stress of school. Get your fun in, just don’t overdo it and you’ll still be able to get to that 8 am class on Monday.

Challenge Yourself

While this doesn’t just apply to school and can be applied to any facet of life, a challenge is what will keep you motivated. When you put ideas in place you’re more likely to then achieve those goals you’re working so hard towards. The challenge can be achieving a certain grade, a new PR for a run, or a charity event you want to see go live for your school club. Write it down and make it happen!

With these tips, you’ll be sure to have a great start to the semester!

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