Four Ways to Make Getting Back to School Easy

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The end of summer is filled with swims in the lake or ocean, family vacations, and feeling refreshed. Getting back to school can sometimes make all those feelings of calm evaporate as quickly as the summer rain. These are a few tips to make getting back into your school routine as great as your summer.

  1. Make a playlist of your favorite songs from the summer. Bringing back memories early in the summer and even into the fall can make you think of the great times you had with your family, the cool concerts you went to, and those late nights you’ll never forget.
  2. Get reading! Whether it’s the book you were assigned to read before September 5, online news, or a fiction book you’ve been meaning to dig into, getting in the habit of reading for school and your mind will prepare your brain for the new vocabulary you’ll be learning this year.
  3. Download apps making an app folder on your phone that is used for school will be your best kept secret. Checking your work for plagiarism on the go with the Copyleaks App will save you lots of time so you can worry about your assignments and extracurricular activities.
  4. Set a schedule. Success can’t happen without preparation and your calendar is going to be your new best friend. Be sure to add in when assignments are due, sport practices, and the big homecoming game.

The first few weeks of school is always one of the best times of the year and now you are prepared to start on the right foot!

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