Here’s Why You Should Avoid Article Spinning Tools

Article spinning is a narrative technique that creates a new version of the writing by changing specific words, substituting phrases, paragraphs, and sentences. These are article rewriting tools that rewrite articles using the same content present in an already-existing work.

This process can be manual or automated and create an alternative and new version with every spin. This process is also called Rogeting. Its process of content spinning helps to produce a considerable amount of articles within a short time.

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However, at the same time, it affects the quality of content website users are offering to the visitors. The article spinning tools often fail to match the human colloquial language, and hence the writing becomes mechanical without proper expression.

Though most spinning tools keep the Keyword density more or less the same, its expression may lead to a lower SEO rank in search engines. It will lead to a decrease in traffic to the website. To keep the SEO traffic intact, the website owners should avoid article spinning.

Why Are Article Spinner Tools Used?

The website owners who aspire to get more traffic to their website may consider this an easy way to increase the traffic. They use spinning software on the content and publish it in different places.

Search engines can regard the same content on the website as duplicate content and then penalize the website by lowering their rank. To avoid that, many website owners use this technique.

Even though it is cheap and useful for a short period, if the customers find out, that can ruin the company’s image. Therefore, bloggers and website owners must avoid article spinning tools. To create a better impression and trustworthiness, business organizations should rewrite the article.

Why Avoid Article Spinning?

The website owners must avoid article spinning during the SEO campaign as it is a black hat SEO tactic. It may deliberately influence search engine optimization. It may adversely affect the website.

Every year, many websites get blacklisted for using unfair means to manipulate the search engine rank. Many website owners use spun content for link building. It may increase the volume of a website, but the quality is severely compromised. For either offline or online marketing, website or blogs play a critical role.

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The customers do primary research before buying anything using the internet. For online businesses, the customers get to know about the company using their website.

Therefore, having a well-designed website with quality articles is necessary to establish the credibility of the website. If the website owner creates content using a spinning tool, then it adds no valuable information.

Can Search Engines Identify Duplicate Content?

On occasions, the website owners use the spinning tool to avoid plagiarism & penalties related to duplicate content. The spinning can be done manually or using tools, and it is easy to create spun content.

For content, if the bloggers use paraphrases of another writeup, the paraphrasing tool and search engines can quickly identify it.

The search engines can penalize the website owners, having duplicate content by giving a lower SEO ranking. It may lead to lesser website visibility and loss of significant traffic. If a customer can identify a spun content in a website, they may doubt the credibility of the website.

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Even when a website owner uses a spinning tool on another writer’s blog content or website, it is still plagiarism. The software spins the content to dodge the plagiarism checker tool or paraphrasing tool, but if a person reads it, he/ she can quickly identify it as copied content. Plagiarism is unethical and is stealing.

Therefore, the reader who identifies the blog using plagiarised content may consider them a fraud website or untrustworthy.

The Content Gets Blacklisted by Google Web-Spam Team

The spinning tool works on the content to keep the keyword density regular. However, it does not stop the website from getting blacklisted if the Google web-spam team identifies it as spam. They take the SEO manipulation techniques or black hat SEO seriously.

Like other search engines, Google tries to improve the user experience. Therefore, they continuously track the websites. Though may not penalize the websites having duplicate contents, but can blacklist them.

The idea that spinning tools can change the structure and words of pre-existing content and create a unique one is a misconception. A spun content is a different version of the original content, and in no way can the spun content be considered original content.

For any website or blog, the most important thing is to reach their readers or potential customers. The readers look forward to meaningful, informative, well-constructed, readable texts.

They may get interested in a particular service or product after reading the blog. When written manually, the writers incorporate the necessary ways that captivate their readers. The spinning tools neglect the issue of readability and solely concentrate on SEO tactics.

It ruins the readers’ first impression, and they may not feel interested in the blog anymore. The confusing language of the spinning tool may take away the beauty of the writing.

Call-To-Action Statements are Essential

To create engaging content, the writers may incorporate a specific call-to-action statements. The call to action may vary for different writings, but this appeals to the reader to think about the service.

When a spinning tool is used, this may not create an equal impact on the reader because of its generic approach.

Take the Help of a Plagiarism Detection Tool

It may happen that a website is taking content from other websites, writers, or bloggers and then spinning them for new content. It is an instance of plagiarism. Though some plagiarism checker tools may fail to identify the copied content in both the articles, the readers can identify them.

For copyrighted content, bloggers and website owners can take action. In most countries, plagiarism is taken seriously, and they have strict laws to defend the rights of an author or creator on his/her content.

Besides legal actions, the website owner may face some consequences that adversely affect the business or the organization’s general impression. Therefore the website owners should avoid article rewriter tools for creating content for their websites or blogs.

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