How Online Learning Helps Students as Well as Teachers

Online learning has become the new normal now. Many people had speculated the popularization of online classes when the internet became a household name. Since the last year, due to the pandemic, online classes have become a compulsion as well as the only option to keep the learning going on. From Google Meet to Zoom classes, every student has now experienced regular online classes.

It is very likely that online classes will carry on even after the pandemic is over. There are several reasons behind it. Not only online classes are good for both the teachers and students, but they have revolutionized distance learning. In this article, let’s have a look at how online classes are helpful for both teachers and their students separately.

Online Learning

How Do Online Classes Help Students?

Students have probably benefited more from the online classes. Despite the lack of social interaction, online classes have helped students in many different ways. Here are five main reasons how online classes are helping students around the world.

  1. Learn From Anywhere

This is by far the most important advantage of online classes. Students now don’t need to get ready, take the bus, enter the classroom, sit down, and pretend they are learning. Students can now learn from the comfort of their homes or basically anywhere they want. They just need an internet connection and a device to attend the classes. This makes all the other things unnecessary and futile.

2. Learn at Their Own Pace

Online classes aren’t as time-consuming as the school. At school, students aren’t able to listen to the same lecture twice. This makes it hard for some students to learn the whole lecture in one go. Learning this way is sometimes challenging. Online classes provide new opportunities to the students and let them learn at their own pace. If students aren’t able to grasp the gist of the lecture, they can still access the lecture recording as provided by the teachers. That’s how students who find it hard to learn things in one go can repeat the lecture as many times as they want.

3. Have More Time for Themselves

Attending online classes also means more time. Since students don’t have to go to school and come back to their homes tired, it actually helps them have more time for themselves and in that spare time they can even earn with part-time skilled jobs. Students can utilize this free time to learn new stuff and increase their knowledge beyond their course material. They can even pursue their hobbies and get better at them. In school, where there is no freedom to learn what they want, this wouldn’t have been possible.

4. Become More Adaptable

Online lectures have made students more flexible and adaptable for the future. Keeping in mind the unexpected things happening in the future, online classes offer the best alternative to keep the learning going. No matter how normal things become after the pandemic, online classes will continue to be plan A or plan B when it comes to education.

Become More Adaptable

5. Learn Time-Management

Time management is one of the most underrated skills that must be taught to students at school. With the help of online classes, students will learn how to manage their time better. With all the lectures and projects they will get, it will become pretty hectic for them to prepare for further exams and leisure activities. Online classes will help students learn the importance of face-to-face human interaction and they will also learn how to plan their life well. They will get more time to think about the future as well.

How Do Online Classes Help Teachers?

Teachers have also learned a lot from the online classes. Many of them have become better at giving online lectures. Teachers have gained a lot of experience from lecturing online. This has been a brand new experience, especially for teachers who weren’t well-versed with the technology and how it works. Here are a few advantages of online classes for the teachers-

  1. Teach From Anywhere

It is the same case for the teachers. Online classes let the teachers teach from anywhere they want. Teachers often argue that they aren’t able to give enough time to themselves or give attention to their significant ones when they are at school. Teaching online has helped teachers give equal time to students and their family members. Teachers can give online lectures anywhere they want, as long as they have an internet connection.

2. Get More Time to Prepare for the Course

A well-prepared lecture helps students understand the topic quickly, and they are able to retain it too. With the flexibility of online classes, teachers are now able to prepare well for the lectures and topics they have to teach. With the abundance of time and less mental stress, teachers can focus on the topic in a better way. It is true that online classes have reduced the workload of teachers. They don’t have to waste their time on a lot of different things.

3. Learn How to Adapt to the Technology

Online classes have made teaches well-familiar with the technology. Before the pandemic, not many teachers knew how to conduct online classes and how to give flawless online lectures. But, as people say, necessity is the mother of learning. Therefore, teachers too learned how to give online lectures when it became the only option to keep the learning going on.

4. Become More Confident

Attending online lectures is one thing and giving lectures to several students at the same time is another thing. If you are a teacher, you would know how nerve-wracking it can be. It is all a matter of habits. Anything can happen during an online lecture. For example, technological glitches, low sound, and so on. On top of that, teachers have to solve the queries of students. Sometimes, few students might even show unprofessional behavior. A teacher has to keep calm and maintain the decorum of the class. Therefore, by being a leader daily, teachers have become more confident, and now they can face all kinds of troubles with equal grace.

5. Don’t Have to Travel

The time it takes to commute also bothers many teachers, especially the ones who live in the suburbs or another city. Due to online classes, teachers don’t have to commute for hours to reach school. This saves a lot of their time and decreases stress and anxiety to some extent.

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