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Exams are the only obstacle in between you and your summer break. Organizing your notes (highlighting included), setting up study groups and time in the library, and of course giving yourself relaxation are all extremely important to succeeding during exams. Take even one of these ideas to make exam period a *little* less stressful.

Study at Different Times

This concept may seem a little weird or you may even say “Shouldn’t I be studying ALL the time for exams?” which you shouldn’t as your brain needs to rest too. Some people grasp different concepts at different stages. Test out during the week when you are feeling most “on it”. It may be after your morning coffee, a late afternoon run, or after dinner. Also test out if different subjects flow better at different times. You may find that math is great in the morning and writing an essay is perfect with an afternoon snack.

Don’t Overdo It

With the pressure of everyone else around you also taking exams, a competitive edge is only natural. When your roommate spends all hours at the library and you feel stressed that you’re not doing enough, be sure that you don’t start overexerting your body or brain. Be sure that you are balancing your work at a pace you can handle.

Snap, Scan, Take a Break

One of the final tasks before submitting your assignment is to be sure you have created your references perfectly and check for plagiarism. After using notes from your teacher and fellow peers it’s crucial there is no accidental plagiarism in your assignment. We have made it even easier for you to scan for plagiarism. If you want to take a photo of your paper, use the iOS or Android mobile app for scanning in a snap. Writing your assignment in Google Docs or MS Word-we’ve got add-ons that will scan without you ever leaving the document. Now you can submit your essay and finally take a breather!

Exams can be tough, but they can be a little more stress free with these tips!

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