How to Be an Inspired Writer Without Writing

Writing for pleasure or work both requires a style of writing that many times others will be reading. Whether your target audience is tween girls or the upper management of your engineering company, there are many ways to keep your writing fresh and inspiring.


This may seem obvious but reading is the best way to improve your writing. Luckily, you can choose what you want to read, or even better what is relevant. Reading novels, memoirs, and fiction can get your creative juices flowing if you are looking to write a story. Browsing the news, current magazines, and the plethora or online journals is helpful if you’ll be writing an informative piece.

Word of the Day

Challenge yourself to learning one word of the day. Now this can be through an app or even paging through the dictionary, but that’s the easy part. Being able to actually use the word in a conversation or -even better- in your writing is the best way to practice how to integrate the word outside of the definition use!

Practice Another Language

While this is a different approach to writing, learning a new language helps flex your creative brain muscles. Even if it’s a site that you practice 10 minutes a day, you will over time build more of another language that can help trigger new phrases, structure, and flow to your writing.

Writing day in and out can sometimes seem repetitive whether for work or pleasure. When you are an inspired writer, your writing can impress your colleagues, fans, and even yourself! Be sure to scan your written work with Copyleaks to be sure your inspired writing is  plagiarism free and original!

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