Breeze through final

It’s one of the most dreaded times of the semester. Dead week, crunch week, cram it all in week-however you call it the week of studying and writing papers before your finals take place is when you should be more focused than any other period during the semester. Here are some tips to making sure your finals week is a breeze!

Limit Social Media

Step one-delete the apps from your phone. We are now programmed (and some would say addicted) to mindlessly scrolling through our social media apps without even realizing it. Set yourself up for success by removing your Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat apps for the week. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to snaps of your best friend as a puppy when you reinstall the app.

Stick to a Schedule

The key to making this week a success is creating a schedule for more than your study and writing times. Also include when you need some fresh air or a workout to release stress, an hour coffee date with a friend, and thirty minute phone calls to your mom about how you’re feeling. Creating allotted blocks of time will help you feel the structure of your week and more in control!

Write Wisely

While this may seem like the hardest part, it’s more time-consuming than anything. Remember to get our all of your (highlighted) sources, outline, and follow the prompt your teacher has assigned to you. After reading it multiple times (including out loud), give it a quick scan for plagiarism, and send it to your teacher before you move on to your next paper.

The crunch period before finals weeks doesn’t have to be so bad when you plan ahead. Good luck on your spring finals and use the code SPRINGFINALS17 for 10% off credits this week!

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