How to Check Your Own Essay for Plagiarism

The modern education system prefers to have a research-oriented curriculum to understand the syllabus better, and it is gradually gaining popularity in most countries. The institutes are encouraging the students to produce their papers.

While producing a research paper, the student may end up having copied content. To generate a plagiarism-free essay, you can check your own essay using the free online plagiarism checker tools.

How to Write an Excellent Plagiarism-Free Paper?

The students who value their paper, try to produce plagiarism free content. The first step to produce a paper is working on the topic.

If the students have the liberty to select the topic, then they must choose the subject they are comfortable with and have a good understanding of.

To avoid plagiarism, students should choose a unique idea. Using their idea to select the topic helps the student use their understanding while doing it.

Once the students select the topic, the next step is crucial. They need to analyze the topic and make a frame of questions for the topic. The answers to the questions make the paper engaging, analytical, and well-structured.

The questions the student is selecting must be related to the topic and should aim to answer the different ideas and concepts that are not popular. They can also think about it in terms of their approach to the topic.

The Most Challenging Part in Research

Collecting research material and books is the most challenging part of paper production. The students can take help of the internet. Since topic-related material unavailability can create problems for the students. Many universities have their database to help them.

They can also take the help of centers like writing labs. They can access this service online. It is an extension of the University’s writing center. The students can take literary materials, slides, hand-outs as per their requirement.

If they have any questions about the topic, they can also submit their question and receive electronically generated feedback.

The Most Challenging Part in Paper Production

After gathering the information and source material, the students need to work on their paper. It may seem to be the most challenging part of paper production, but it becomes much easier if the previous steps are done correctly.

They can frame the answer while answering the least discussed ideas related to the topic, and they need to make sure that they are incorporating their understanding of it and the pre-existing ideas.

While writing the paper, the student may feel like using parts of their reference material or source material to substantiate their argument.

The students need to keep track of the parts they are using as a source. To use these parts, the students need to use quotation marks and do a proper citation. If the student fails to cite sources for their works correctly, the institute can take steps against plagiarized content.

Plagiarism Checking is Essential

After writing the paper, editing and checking for plagiarism is necessary. The students need to take care of the grammar mistakes while editing their work. For staying away from plagiarism, you can check your own essay using a plagiarism checker.

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The student can easily upload their document and check if any unintentional plagiarism is present in their content. If you, as a student, are taking the writing services’ help, then check your own essay for plagiarism. As the service providers may fail to cite their source, and it increases the chance of having plagiarized content.

There are different styles of citation. The student can use any of them, but they need to make sure that all the information related to their source material is present in the citation. For guidelines of citing a paper, a student can take the help of the MLA handbook while writing their research papers or dissertation papers.

The United States-based Modern Language Association has established a citation system for documenting the sources in research papers and scholarly writings. The students widely use MLA citing style for a proper citation.

How to Cite an Essay

There are numerous ways to cite an essay. Some of them are given below:

  1. How to cite an individual page or website?

A website is much different from a webpage. If the students take information from a web page, they must do the citation; they must do a brief in-text citation and a complete citation on the reference page.

For the in-text citation, the student must add the name of the text, the author’s last name, and the date the work was published. For complete citation, the student must mention the author’s name, the title of the page, page number, publication date of the work, edition, etc.

  1. How to cite an online journal?

For an online journal, the students must mention the author (with surname, then initials), year of publication, the title of the article, Information regarding the issue (volume, part number, season, month), Page number, etc. If there is a special edition or issue, the students or writers must mention it.

  1. How to cite an online article?

The complete citation of an online article should have the name of the author or the owner of the site, the year of publication or the date on which it was last updated, page title of the work (in Italics), Name of the Sponsor of the site (it is not mandatory, if available the student can mention the name), access date (the day the student visited the site for reference), URL or internet address (within pointed brackets).

  1. How to cite a book or magazine article?

For a hard copy of a book or magazine article, the full citation must include the author’s name, name of the work, page number, and other valid details related to the book.

If the students are not sure about the source, they can check for it using any plagiarism tool. There are different styles of citation, as follows –

General Structure of APA Citation Style

Author’s last name, First initial, (Date of Publication), Title, URL

For website: Author’s last name, First initial, (year, month, date of publication), Title of the webpage, name of the website, URL

For blog posts: Author’s last name, First initial, (year, month, date of publication), the title of the blog post, Title of the blog, URL

The General Structure of MLA Citation Style

Author’s last name, author’s initial name, “Title of the work,” name of the journal/ webpage title/ blog post title, other information like volume, edition, publication date, page number, URL.

General Structure of Chicago/ Turabian Citation Style

Author’s last name, author’s initial name, “Title of the work,” the title of the article, date published/ last modified/ last accessed, URL

How to Check your Own Essay for Plagiarism?

To avoid plagiarism, you can check your own essay using a plagiarism checker. For essay writing, producing content with original content is essential.

The student must run a grammar check to look for grammar mistakes using an essay checker. It helps to get a better and accurate result when they use a plagiarism tool.

You can quickly check your own essay using a plagiarism tool. All you need to do is upload your work online. The online plagiarism checker works to scan your text and generate a detailed result while identifying the copied contents. The students or writers can efficiently work on those parts to have plagiarism-free content.

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