How to Liven Up Your Writing for School

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Writing assignments for school can sometimes feel drawn out. All of the research and writing that goes into each page can be an exhausting task, not even mentioning that you might feel as if you’re using the same words and descriptions over time. Here are some tactics to squeeze some new life into your writing for some extra oomph!

Thesaurus for One, Please

How often do you find yourself using the same words over and over again? We tend to get stuck in a habit of using a roladex of a few dozen adjectives and verbs to describe what’s happening. Open a thesaurus, or browse online for a few ideas of how you can put new life into your writing.

Quote Trusted Sources

When writing for most assignments, other ideas from trusted sources are integral to bring your paper to the next level. Depending on the length, two to three is the right enough so you can focus on the key points they are each making.

Don’t use filler words or cliches 

Words like just, really, very, and in some cases that. These words take away from the meaning of what you are trying to say and in turn, dilute your writing. Cliche phrases should also be a big “no-no” in your writing as it makes your appear unoriginal and depending on the circumstances, like a tacky writer. Put as much effort in as possible by using your own words that are full of meaning!

No matter what you’re writing about, there are always ways to spruce it up. Remember to scan your work for plagiarism before submitting it for a grade with Copyleaks.

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