How to Scan for Plagiarism in Hindi

Scan for Plagiarism in Hindi

As one of the most popular languages in the world, Hindi texts are frequently used and referred to. It’s important when writing any work in Hindi that the text is completely original.

Original Hindi Homework

Whether the homework assignment is for a Hindi language class or it’s written in a Hindi speaking school, plagiarism is rampant in India. Students’ number one priority is creating honest, authentic work and they should be cautious that the assignments they will submit to their teachers are of high quality. In order to check they have cited all of their sources, they can be sure their work is original using the Copyleaks plagiarism app to scan the Hindi text. The app works online, on mobile devices, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word.

API to Scan Plagiarism in Hindi

As a major publisher or content creator, it’s very easy to set up an API to integrate with your platform and scan your content routinely. Using our advanced AI mechanisms, Copyleaks is able to detect similar Hindi language and notifies you when your content has been used. The API is also able to be integrated with LMS platforms including LoveMySkool and many others. Teachers can easily see student files that were submitted and easily give a similarity score (along with our easy Education Report for reference).

Scan for Plagiarism in Hindi

Plagiarism of business and educational content is not something to mess around with. SEO ranking can be majorly affected if duplicate content is used. When you have a routine scan in place or submit automatic scans, plagiarism detection can prevent your business from experiencing a sudden drop on search engine pages. Our plagiarism check for SEO will keep you and any of your clients’ content protected.

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