How to Scan for Plagiarism in Portuguese Text

As someone who may write assignments in school, work, or even for that fan fiction novel you’re working on, it’s important that the words you are using are all yours. Original content is the name of the game and no matter what language you’re writing in, you want to be sure you are not plagiarizing. Here’s how to be sure the content you write in Portuguese will be free of plagiarism!

OCR Technology 

Once you have written your content in Portuguese you have different options of how you can check that the document is free of plagiarism. If you have written the document or even if a student gave you a printed assignment, you can easily take a photo of the text and it will be scanned in just a few seconds using OCR technology in our mobile app.

Google Doc and Microsoft Word Plagiarism Check

If you write your Portuguese assignments on a platform like Google Docs or Microsoft Word, it’s very easy to scan some or all of your text for originality. The Google Docs add-on can easily scan text straight from the document. If you are working with Office 365 you can scan your Portuguese content and receive results of similar text directly in your Word Document.

Scan your Portuguese Homework

When you write your homework assignment for your class while studying abroad in Portugal or Brazil, it’s important that you are writing completely original content. You can easily check your own work or work from your students by using the Plagiarism Checker in Portuguese to submit files through the Copyleaks website; URLs and raw text, also are easy to submit for quick scans. If you want to scan your Portuguese website automatically, you can seamlessly integrate our API within your platform.

Here is an example of Portuguese text that can be scanned for similarity:

”As melhores essências estão nos menores frascos.”

“Os melhores perfumes estão nos pequenos frascos.”

Checking Portuguese text for originality is easy when you have the right tools.  Copyleaks plagiarism checker for Portuguese will help you make sure your content is authentic.

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