How to Scan for Plagiarism in Russian

June 19th, 2018

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Scan for Plagiarism in Russian

Writing in any language comes with research and of course writing the original content you want to share. It can be a homework assignment your Russian language teacher wants you to familiarize yourself with or it can be an article for Russian audiences. Here are ways to make sure you are not accidentally plagiarizing in Russian.

Scan Your Russian Paper

After writing your assignment in Russian it’s important to check that you haven’t accidentally taken passages from books or online. Submit the document through the Copyleaks dashboard and find out in as little as a few seconds if there are other sources in your document. Check through the results to be sure that your text is unique and you have quoted others’ work that is not your own. The Cyrillic alphabet is able to be read and analyzed by our technology so you can be sure we won’t miss a word using our plagiarism checker in Russian.

Scan in the Google Doc and Microsoft Word Platforms

Are you used to writing your document directly in a platform that you can save your content in? Now you can write your Russian homework assignment or article in Microsoft Word and scan the content immediately. You will receive similar results to compare against your text immediately. If you’re more into Google, you can scan your text from Google Doc and see results in as little as a few seconds. You can scan multiple documents and you can always go back to your Copyleaks dashboard to see results at another time.

When you’re short on time and want to be sure you get everything checked before you submit your work to your teacher, boss, or publisher, you can also scan your Russian paper using our mobile app. With OCR technology that actually captures the words of the physical document, you can scan what you’ve written or printed in seconds.

Here is an example of similar Russian text that we are able to detect:

Если в мире все бессмысленно, — сказала Алиса, — что мешает выдумать какой-нибудь смысл?
Если в мире все бессмысленно, — спросила Ання, — что мешает выдумать какой-нибудь идею?

Checking Russian content for plagiarism is easy with Copyleaks. Get 10 free credits when you signup today.

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