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Chinese research institutions and universities are witnessing a sharp rise in incidents like plagiarism. Individual freelancers or students pay a hefty fine when caught for plagiarism in thesis papers and dissertations. Plagiarism and cheating in all aspects are damaging the reputation of higher education.

Chinese institutions maintain a zero-tolerance policy on plagiarism and limit materials that students can copy in the dissertation. Plagiarism is morally wrong and unethical. Various online databases check plagiarism in Chinese. Some laws do not allow more than 35% of duplicate content for undergraduate students.

How to Detect Plagiarism in Chinese?      

China is introducing various plagiarism detectors to clamp down on campus plagiarism. Numerous universities have published directives for graduate students regarding the percentage of plagiarism. They are permitted to use only 10-20% of duplicate content. For students of engineering and science, the directive rate of repetition is below 10 percent.

Universities allow incorporating others’ ideas in academic papers, but they endeavor to work from a new angle. Originality is always encouraged. The chance of repetition content is lower in the case of documents based on experimental data.

Often, students plagiarize without knowing. It is known as ‘unintentional plagiarism.’ In such cases, plagiarism scanners come to the rescue as they identify both the percentage of plagiarism and uniqueness. Anyone can use such plagiarism detecting software before final submission. After the plagiarism is detected, students can rewrite the problematic parts flagged by the system to make zero similarity rates.

Chinese Plagiarism Checking Software

In China, academic cheating is on the rise. Some cheaters are mainly interested in money and not in academics. Others cheat because they cannot produce original articles. Often students commit this guilt time and again, for they are not punished. Chinese journals have a 31% incidence of plagiarism which can earn a bad name for the research efforts.

Reasons Behind Plagiarizing

Chinese students in higher education take refuge in plagiarism. They come under peer pressure of publishing their work in well-known and reputed journals. Sometimes, the language barrier leads to plagiarism too.

Plagiarism is a problem for the entire Chinese community. Chinese educational institutions are part of that. Some universities use software to detect plagiarism not only for dissertations but also for daily assignments. Students are obsessed with academic degrees, and they can go to any extent to achieve that.

More so, they believe borrowing ideas and phrases from the already published materials would increase their acceptance. Undoubtedly, this is a misconception. Educators must encourage students to write unique and independent views. However, they can incorporate specific ideas to enrich their articles. Students must give proper citations of the original sources and use quotation marks to avoid plagiarism.

Violation of Copyright May Lead to Rejection

The minimized risk of punishment in China is another potential cause of plagiarism. The repercussion is stringent in countries like Europe and the U.S.A. Chinese laws are lenient on plagiarism, while most of them are non-existent.

The professors at Chinese Universities do not encourage copied content and accept papers with zero plagiarism. Plagiarism is horrifying for a doctoral student, and it is entirely unacceptable. Students can always discuss the approaches and ideas with peers and mentors, but they can never share any actual code. Students are supposed to abide by the academic honesty rules and the violation that may cause educational charges.

Since plagiarism is academically dishonest, any person being guilty of the act is supposed to bear consequences. The violation of copyright laws may lead to rejection of papers, imposition of a fine, suspension of academic career, or in the worst cases, incarceration.

Plagiarism needs to be checked. Otherwise, it can discredit significant institutions.

Why Is It Essential To Know About Chinese Plagiarism?

Plagiarism impedes earning a reasonable degree. Academic degrees play a crucial role in getting jobs in companies and public organizations. Degree determines whether a student can apply for a particular post and decides the starting salary.

Why Use Copyleaks to Scan Plagiarism in Chinese?

Freelance writers, teachers, and students write content, but they must ensure all Chinese articles are free of plagiarism. Following are the steps for scanning plagiarism in Chinese. Copyleaks has A. I and Machine Learning-driven algorithms, robust A.P.I., and advanced grading tools to prevent plagiarism. Using plagiarism scanning technology can bring the best results for Chinese institutions.

  • Snapping a pic: Sometimes writers require checking the handwritten Chinese document that is printed as a hard copy. Using the Copyleaks OCR technology writers can see the accurate results of similarity from all the sources once the scanning process is complete. They can edit the Chinese text from the similarity report.
  • Scanning from the document: If a writer uses Microsoft Word or Google Docs for writing, he can scan originality straight from the paper. One can copy-paste or upload the text and check the plagiarism report as soon as the similarity text is found.
  • Scanning Homework for Chinese Class: Students should always write in their language and cite good sources if they copy from elsewhere. They must double-check the content for originality. Writers can scan the homework assignment using a plagiarism checker in Chinese to confirm there is zero plagiarism.

Final Takeaways

The universities and research institutions in China are dealing with a significant problem of plagiarism which ruins their reputations. However, since the rules for plagiarizing are not that stringent, people find it easier to get away with it. Nevertheless, since the copyright law in the country is a bit strict, people can use it against the students who violate it. A paper can even get rejected. Thus, ruining the career of a student gravely, owing to copyright violations. Hence, students should be encouraged to writing an authentic and original academic document. Plagiarism scanning technology can be implemented to check plagiarism. More so, the Chinese government can acknowledge the problem, increase repercussions, and take adequate measures to dissuade plagiarism.

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