How to Scan for Plagiarism in Spanish and Other Languages

Scan for Plagiarism in Spanish

Scanning for plagiarism in English for your final term paper, big report at work, or an entry to an online magazine seems like something you’ll do routinely. When you have to scan work for plagiarism in Spanish or another language, our scan works exactly the same.

Scan Your Spanish Papers

When you’re writing long papers in another language, it can seem daunting to write work that is completely your own. Many teachers allow a certain percentage of work to be from other sources and using Copyleaks is an easy solution to see if your percentage is over the limit.

Scan Translated Work

If you are working with freelancers and contract workers, it’s always a smart idea to check the work they have translated to be sure they haven’t plagiarized from other sources. Making it a step in your routine before sending it to print (or go live online) is important to know your content in a foreign language is original.

Same Features, Same Great Results

There is no limit of what Copyleaks is able to scan in a foreign language. The technology can scan content in all unicode languages include Asian character languages. Receive all results and similarity reports to compare in the language you submitted content in. Our algorithms were created to find possible matches in the language you have submitted and will find all the text you weren’t able to 

Scanning content in a foreign language is easy with Copyleaks. Scan your work in Spanish or any other language today on your computer and mobile app!