How to Use Copyleaks Compare Docs Tool

It’s the end of the semester and students and teachers alike are *eagerly* awaiting summer break. Before everyone is off the hook, there are still writing assignments that need to be handed in and checked for plagiarism. See how easy our tool is to compare whether it’s against a handout, another student’s work, or a website.

compare two documents

Simply upload two files, URLs, or text blurbs to compare the similarity between the two. Our tool will immediately provide you with a comparison of the results for you to analyze with highlighted passages. This is perfect for teacher, teaching assistants, and legal teams to track if there were lifted passages from an online source or another student and therefore a case of plagiarism.

The comparison tool is the perfect situation for when you are unsure about the similarity of two documents or sources. While sometimes it is innocent, students can easily copy notes from one another without changing the words and therefor get penalized. As a student it’s also a good idea to be sure if you were working as a group or off of teacher notes or online sources, that your paper is original and written in your own words.

The compare doc tool breaks down exactly where similar text appears. It’s great for teachers, students, bloggers, lawyers, and anyone with a similar text they need to analyze.

Try out the Compare Docs for Similarity tool for free and feel at ease knowing your work has been compared!

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