How to Use OCR to Find Plagiarism

ocr text plagiarism

OCR is one of the newest ways technology can help you in school, work, and your own personal projects.  Optical character recognition which converts images of texts into actual text that is able to be read by a machine and in turn our technology is one of the latest features available in the Copyleaks mobile app. Find out how using OCR can help you!

Handwritten or Printed Essays

After an essay has been researched, mapped out, written, and edited, the last step before submitting the work to your teacher is the final step before you can breathe easy that the hard part is over is checking for plagiarism. If you’re already moments away from stepping into the classroom and forgot to scan online, the Copyleaks app is the perfect quick fix. Just snap a photo and the text is instantly scanned and submitted for a plagiarism scan. This is also great for teachers who are grading hard copies of work and are unsure if the text was original or not.

Published Work

The magazine has hit the press and your book was printed just a few years ago.  Now you’re curious to see if others have referenced your work. Take a photo of the magazine, book, or journal your work was printed in and sit back and wait for results to appear.

Double Check Your References 

Taking a photo of text that you have written is also helpful when you are confirming the work you have written came from difference sources. If you forgot to mention exactly where that specific quote came from, Copyleaks will be able to show you the source it originated from.

Checking for duplicate content and plagiarism in your work using OCR has never been easier or more fun. Download our app today and try it for free.