How to Write Academic Essays like Professional?

Often students enquire about how to write an academic essay like professionals. It must analyze a particular question with an argument and thesis statement. An essay discusses a topic by evidence or reasoning. Academic essays must have relevant examples to support information from credible sources.

Components of an Academic Essay

Often students wonder why they fail to produce a well-versed academic essay. Well, a good essay must have the following:

  1. Format
  2. Outline
  3. Introduction
  4. The main body
  5. Conclusion

Essay Writing Skills that Student Must Have to Write an Academic Paper

  • Researching the topic
  • Organizing ideas
  • Draft-making and editing Skills
  • Referencing and citation
  • Having critical thinking ability
  • Having reflective writing skills
  • Checking grammatical errors
  • Writing plagiarism-free papers

Know about Plagiarism Meaning and What is Plagiarism

Plagiarism is copying the creative works of others. It could be either intentional or unintentional. Often, students plagiarize the academic essays that teachers assign to them. Nobody can claim some other person’s works as one’s own. It is unethical and illegal.

There are many types of plagiarism. For instance,

▪ Deliberate plagiarism is intellectually unethical.

▪ Direct plagiarism is but engrossing word-to-word of an article.

Self-plagiarism is the blending of one’s previous works without the permission of the authority.

▪ Mosaic plagiarism is incorporating phrases without using quotation marks or including similar words without altering the original meaning.

▪ Paraphrasing may turn into plagiarism if done in the wrong way.

▪ Accidental plagiarism takes place when a student paraphrases someone else’s creation of phrases or sentences unintentionally.

Plagiarism in Academics

The occurrence of plagiarism is frequent in higher studies. It does not only damage the reputation of the doers but demean the institution also. Institutions must play fair and maintain ethical standards to prevent prevention. Plagiarism prevents students from making full use of education. It is quintessential to mark the reasons for plagiarism and find a solution to check it. The writing of an author is taken as intellectual property. Students must not infringe copyright. They must take help from plagiarism detecting tools, scan for similarities, remove them and produce original essays for submission.

Ways to Prevent Plagiarism in Academic Essays

Educators must encourage their students to write original content. Every student has a thinking ability and writing style. If they borrow ideas from ready-made sources, the essays become similar as they tend to refer to similar sources.

Students must use an essay checker for academic essay writing.

The online plagiarism checking tools have made the job of essay writing easy. They can write a unique article using anti-plagiarism software.

Students can enrich their essays by using relevant quotations from distinguished authors. They must cite sources from where they take any information or data.

Reasons of Plagiarism

Often students write a plagiarized essay for many reasons, such as lack of time, energy, and resource materials. Some of them do not study throughout the year and opt for last-minute preparation. Many find it easier to copy from books or peer papers in the examination hall. They copy for gaining marks but fail to learn the lessons.

Paraphrasing is beneficial when they need to write similar content repeatedly. The ideal way to write plagiarism-free essays is to follow one’s style. Attribution is compulsory. They can enjoy exemptions from the legal charges of plagiarism for prefaces, proper reference, and table of contents, bibliographies, and acknowledgments. They must include all these things carefully in their essays. 

Repercussions of Plagiarism

The instructors must try to demoralize plagiarism and promote awareness. Educators must do the needful to promote academic integrity.

They can impose fines and reject papers for such misconduct.

However, lawbreakers always find loopholes in-laws. Often, authority forgives an accused, taking a minimal fine.

Educators must be strict if the situation demands so. Students must have fear in mind for retribution and debar from performing immoral acts. 

What Can Authority Do?

Promoting integrity in academics is the need of the hour. Authority must intervene to check plagiarism. Below are some of the remedies:

● Besides teaching, teachers have a man-making role to play. They must teach ethical and moral behaviors to their students.

● The essay teachers must select the topics for the assignment mindfully. Subjects cannot be vague and must have a twist that compels students to use their analytical power and critical thinking ability.

● Teachers must try to create an exciting learning atmosphere.

● Educators must teach on time management.

● Teachers can give classwork to students and help overcome the fear of writing.

● They must know how to attribute authors, cite sources, and refer.

● Lessons of meta-learning are beneficial for summarising.

● Teachers must make students aware of the plagiarism policy. Online plagiarism checkers like Copyleaks display the rate of plagiarism with the percentage of uniqueness in essays. The tool mentions the sources of borrowing too. It allows students to rewrite, remove similarities, make essays unique and fetch good marks.

● Educators should teach how to confront plagiarism. The mentors, research guides, and seniors must come forward to help the juniors.

● Teachers must impose strict punishment for cheating.

● They must try to promote an honest attitude.

● The professors should aim to build collaboration in the assessment process.

● The teachers must clear students’ concepts and mention the relevant study materials.

● The invigilators need to be careful not to provide students a scope to plagiarise.

● Educators must create a positive studying environment and inspire students to act virtuously.

Importance of Plagiarism Checker

The Internet has numerousplagiarism checking tools, but students must make the proper selection for safety, privacy, and accuracy: Copyleaks’ sophisticated machine learning and AI-driven algorithms are instrumental in combating duplication in essays. Essays should be free of plagiarism. Academicians must suggest using the anti-plagiarism software application and develop original content.

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