Got An Essay Due In A Few Hours? Here Are 5 Tips On How To Write An Essay Well!

Plagiarism Checking Is A Must For All Types Of Essays

Nowadays, most academic institutions concentrate on creating a curriculum that emphasizes the importance of paper/essay writing. It helps students by becoming an expert in a particular topic and develop in-depth knowledge. There are many types of essays that students’ can write, making the process even more cumbersome.

Many students find it challenging to write a paper within a short period of time, as they must balance the work with other projects and examinations. Dependent on the topic of the paper, there are many different types of essays that correlate to the subject matter.

Here are five tips that can help students in writing exemplary academic essays:

1. Developing a Decent Idea:

The first thing the students need to do is find out the topic they will be working on. Once they decide the topic, they need to break the text in terms of a few questions that they will be answering in their essay.

A proper sketch of the text will be helpful for them as otherwise, they may miss out on specific essential ideas regarding the topic. They should not use repetitive issues or ideas to increase the length of the essay.

types of essay, developing decent idea

While developing the question, the students should work on their ideas and understanding the subject more in-depth. It makes the essay writing easy for the students. They should also try to eliminate all instances of unrelated topics.

Irrelevant things can take away the brevity and crisp of the work, and the students can end up getting an average grade. A properly developed topic sketch can ease the load of the work for the student.

2. Collecting resources:

Collecting resources is the second most crucial part of the essay writing, after developing a sketch of the topic they are working on. If due to the lack of time, the student decides to gather information from the internet, they should properly take down the source name and URLs.

If they refer to the e-journals, they must take down the edition, page number, full name of the essay, name of the writers, etc.

types of essay, Books & cup of tea

If the students are using books as their reference material, they must mention it in the citation. Many students have the misconception that they can copy-paste from any resources, which may help them get a good grade.

It’s a wrong conception as this is an instance of plagiarism. The student can use the parts or lines from their reference material to substantiate their answers, but for that, they need to do a proper citation.

3. Different Types of Essays:

For an essay, selecting a proper writing style is also essential. The writing style of an essay sets the tone of the writing and makes it interesting to read. The writing style may vary for different types of essays. There are several writing styles from which the students can choose:

Definition and Argumentative Essays:

Definition essays are mainly used to define different things and ideas. On the other hand, the argumentative essay uses a series of logic and reason to establish or deny an argument. The writers need to combine the facts and parts of their point of view to establish arguments regarding the topic.

Analytical Essays:

For analytical essays, the style mostly involves the analysis of a literary text. The writer needs to analyze the meaning of the lines and provide details of the literary devices used in it. The main focus of the analytical essays lies in clarifying the meaning of a literary text.

Comparison and Contrast Essays:

When the writers try to analyze a topic by comparing it with another that is called comparison and contrast essays. The writers try to find out all the aspects of writing by the method of compare and contrast.

Cause and Effect Essays:

The cause and effect essays deal with a series of causes and effects. The writer tells the cause of an incident and how the incident leads to its effect. This type of essay has similarities with expository essays.

It’s one of the most common types of essay writing. These types of essays are most suitable for academic journals and writings.

Critical and Simple Essays:

A critical essay aims to evaluate a piece of literary work based on its merits and demerits. Whereas, when the writers write on a specific topic and maintain the usual five-paragraph style, they are called simple essays.

Research Essays:

A research essay focuses on answering a specific research question. It answers the related issues and questions relevant to a research procedure.

Other than these styles, some other common styles of essays are expository essays, narrative essays, persuasive essays, etc.

4. Checking for Spelling and Grammar Mistakes:

The checking and editing part is significant in delivering error-free writing. The writer can use an essay checker or a spell checker instead of manually checking the essay for grammatical errors and spelling errors.

types of essay, Check for grammar for types of essays

The quality of a piece does not solely depend on the writing skill of the writer. It also depends on excellent editing skills. For academic writings, the teachers prefer grammatically correct essays, and therefore, checking the piece for grammatical errors is essential.

5. Plagiarism Checking and Citation:

Before submitting an essay, it is essential to check it for plagiarism to avoid getting a failing grade. The students need to use quotation marks for the lines they have taken from their resource material and then do a proper citation for those works.

If the students are paraphrasing parts of another work to use it in their writing, it is also a must to mention it in the citation. For paraphrasing, the students need to be careful about the sentence structure; otherwise, the teacher may point it out as plagiarized content.

There are several free plagiarism checker tools available online. Students can use any of them for detecting plagiarism.

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