How To Write Post-Interview Emails

How to Write a “Thank You” Email After Going Through the Interview?

Interviews are a crucial step for any job. It showcases the candidate’s body language, personality, presentation, and everything a company might consider. However, another critical aspect of post-interview is to write a post-interview email.

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Several points and steps to be taken into account to write a post-interview email would create a perfect impression of one’s capacity as a deserving candidate. Here to the extensive discussion on the vital points and understand the difference and impact of right and wrong “thank you” email, the blog proceeds:

Create a Specific Subject Line for the Post-Interview “Thank You” Email

This references the subject title used in an email. The thank you” email post-interview must be clear and specific, like;

“Thank you,” Name

“Thank you” for your time and advice

I learned a lot from the company

Alternatively, a simple “thank you” will even suffice.”

A Personal Greeting for Post-Interview “Thank You” Emails Go Far

It is advisable to address the “thank you” email by mentioning the interviewer’s name instead of his or her designation. It projects a notion of observation, smartness, and confidence of the candidate. Designations, on the other hand, might get misrepresented as false vanity.

Sincerely Show Appreciation

Gratitude is not only a matter of usage of the correct words but also the way it is expressed. Once the job interview is done, and one has absorbed the whole process’s details, respect must be shown with the utmost sincerity.

For that, one must avoid using words like ‘I know,’ ‘I felt,’ and other such words. It does nothing but makes an impression of the candidate’s excessive self-boasting.

Establish the Interest in the Job in Post-Interview “Thank You” Email

It is important to time and again restate the fact that the interviewee is hugely interested in joining the company.

Well, that can only be done with a few precise and straightforward points. Here, it is necessary to mention the company’s points or workings, as explained by the interview board, incredibly impressed by the candidate.

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The company wants to be sure whether the one is fit for such a profession and convince them the candidate must be honest in their approach. If the person is unwilling, then the mention must be made with specific reasons. It represents a clear image of that person and saves the time of the interviewee.

Pick and Choose From the Points Discussed During the Interview

It is vital to move a step farther. Reference of the most specific point that interested the candidate must be taken into account for farther development of discussion.

Here one should not forget to mention his or her skills going at par with the company’s requirements and the expertise and interest shown honestly.

It is required to run the company efficiently. They are never willing to entertain false impressions or loose talks. It is better not to spoil the impression with the use of unnecessary words.

Do Not Exaggerate or Act Timid in Post-Interview Email

Instead of thrashing, an offensive and informal tone end must be carefully stitched to avoid negativity. The golden rule to write a post-interview email is to stay simple, precise, and succinct.

Likewise, one can mention he is waiting patiently and respectfully for the response email from the company and also mention the deadline as might have been discussed verbally.

Go for a Professional Sign-off and End

Send the regards along with the full name after mentioning ‘sincerely.’ Followed by this, one must never forget to put in the necessary details again at the end, like phone number and email address. Optionally one might also add website links of LinkedIn, Facebook, and other such social media platforms.

The above discussion presumably suffices the points that must be taken into account to present a complete post-interview “thank you” email. Apart from these, specific small yet regular points are to email each interviewer in their email if available for more than interviewer boards or very moderate yet specific.

Maintaining Originality Is Significant When Writing a Post-Interview Email

Check for plagiarism tool, check similarity, with the help of that too, and ensure to send a unique email to the hiring manager—an email that would create the best impression on the manager.

One must not copy and paste post-interview “thank you” email samples, preferably present with one’s personalization. “Thank you” email categories range from formal, informal, second interview email type. Whatever be the purpose of the post-interview “thank you,” emails are essential. Hence the writer should use the content checkers to avoid plagiarism.

It is also better to believe in one’s own skill, instead, of taking help from freelance professionals, as you will be sure of your own content not containing plagiarism.

Words to Keep in Mind to Write a Post-Interview Email

Using such words as ‘feel free to call,’ ‘phone for interview,’ and other such words change the decision-making body’s approach towards the candidate. Job interviews and clicking on the final decision for a complete setup is a challenging and decisive step.

The mental boundaries must be shrugged off, and one must not hesitate to contact or question if confusion arises.

80% Job Done With a Post-Interview Email

Most people forget and casually leave the option of sending the post-interview “thank you” email. Those who do it correctly complete 80% of the job towards getting the job.

The perfect for sending a “thank you” email is within 24 hours of the interview day. If that takes place on a Friday, evening of the same day is the best slot or else the coming Monday morning.

Weekends must be avoided for such emails since those mostly get overlooked. If the email id of more than one interviewer is not available, feel free to ask for the others if possible, or request to send the regards and forward it on the candidate’s behalf.

It is never considered an informal tone or an air of not being obliged. The practical senses and basic courtesy of the candidate are ignited.

The Final Takeaways

Though handwritten letters are an obsolete method these days, still it can be opted for traditional business firms like wedding planners, tie and law firms, and other such firms.

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It conditionally sums up the whole discussion on what, when, whom, and how to organize an email or “thank you” letter. Just make a bulletin of the significant points as a key takeaway and never forget to personalize what one wants to express.

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