How to write your master’s thesis

How to effectively communicate your thesis points into a cohesive paper is daunting task when it is first assigned. All of the research, counterpoints, writing, drafting, cutting, more writing…it seems like a never ending project. We’ve broken it down to help you write a clear and concise master’s thesis this semester.


Choose your topic and the point of view you believe will be best for you to write about. The length can vary from three pages to fifty, so make sure this is something you know you will be able to gather enough information on and write your point of view clearly.

Ideas & Draft

Once you’ve figured out the different ideas that need to be included, get them on paper. Whether it’s a web, venn diagram, outline, or any other method, now is the time to start mapping out what you want to include. From here you can start drawing the lines of how everything is connected and actually writing the paper. Even if you don’t have all the quotes you want to use, you can “plug them in” at points you know will need supporting information and come back to it later.


Once you’ve written out all the content you’re feeling good-the finish line is so close. But hold on a sec, have you created your works cited? Have others read over and edited the paper for you? Did you read it out loud to actually hear how it sounds? Did you remember to scan it for plagiarism to be sure everything is in your own words? These are the final steps that can take your thesis from a B to an A if you give it your all.

Writing a thesis is no easy task. Be sure to follow these tips and you’ll be that much closer to a successful completion with a grade you are proud of!

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