An Interview with Korey Kashmer of Kashmer Interactive

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We are happy to work with many different companies using our plagiarism detection solution to improve their business. Many businesses are able to share insight into how anyone can improve their website and business, so we’d like to spotlight different companies to help you. 

This week we’re featuring Korey of Kashmer Interactive :

Copyleaks: Who are you and what is your company? How long have you been working in SEO? 

My name is Korey Kashmer and my internet marketing agency is Kashmer Interactive, LLC. I’ve been working in the internet marketing field for over 15 years, with both agency and in-house experience.
Copyleaks: What kinds of clients are you generally working with?
 My agency works with a wide range of clients. From the mom and pop type businesses to corporate technology companies. We also work with e-commerce and service type businesses.  Our typical client is a $500,000 to $15 million a year business in revenue. Small to mid-size business.
Copyleaks:What’s something easy every company can do to better their SEO efforts?
SEO starts with the fundamentals. Ensure you have a website and ensure that website is built with a well known platform that provides you the ability to have pages. Even further, pages that can be laid out in a hierarchical structure. Ensure the website can support content and image additions. This is just the start, but without these initial items SEO can’t be done properly.
Copyleaks: Why are you using Copyleaks?
We’ve started using Copyleaks because of the power in detecting plagiarized copy, especially regarding whole site coverage. We needed the ability to check client websites on a bigger scale. Copyleaks offers that ability.
Copyleaks: What do you think are the benefits of having an integrated plagiarism detection solution like Copyleaks?
It gets ride of the manual checking. It’s that simple. If you need to check on a regular basis the API integration makes sense.
Copyleaks: How can duplicate content affect your clients’ SEO rankings?
If other sites lift your content, it can cause your rankings to suffer. This can happen if those sites that pull your content are more authoritative and look like the original author.
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