How to Keep Your Website’s Content Fresh

How to Keep Your Website’s Content Fresh

Creating new content for your website is many times more difficult even when there is lots to share. When you factor in new features, special promotions, and what’s in store for the future you have a full stack on content to share with your users. Read on for a few ways to best share your website content.

New New New

Current users are already used to what your site or platform has to offer. Some of them have been with you from the start and have seen the transition into the company you are today. In order to keep them around you have to consistently add new features for them to find use in. Sharing these features in a blog post or even newsletter can keep both your older and new users in the know about what’s changed on the site.

Special Promotions

If your platform offers a variety of products, sharing a special discount on the site will entice users to try one of your other products that they may start to like. Also sharing these promotions in your newsletter and social media accounts will bring more traffic.

Sharing Content from the Past

When scrolling through Facebook pages, it’s not a surprise to find big media companies are sharing content from one or even two years ago. While it may seem out of place, they are actually sharing high-traffic content that people previously liked. Before you post, it’s a smart idea to check for duplicate content and make sure no one stole anything from your website. A simple scan with Copyleaks will show you in case this happened.

Producing new content is great for your website, traffic, and keeping your users happy.

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