Know the Best Ways to Prepare for GRE—and your future degree.

Getting into one of the leading graduate schools asks for a good Graduate Record Exam or GRE score. With the right preparation for GRE, you can attain a high score, which makes it easy to study the course of your choice at a top university. Nevertheless, it is not easy to study for the GRE without an appropriate plan. If you want to know the best way to prepare for GRE, you need to follow the tips explained.

While everybody experiences college in their own way, it’s hard not to conform to the norms of whatever you study. Though every student has a unique college experience, some students will have a more similar experience than others.

Preempt and prepare for the expenses

College is expensive. Let’s face it. If you want to be successful and make every penny count from your student loans, you need to be smart about your finances. Tuition, Housing, and Meal Plans might be the obvious biggest chunk of your cost but miscellaneous student expenses like books, transportation, School Supplies, etc quickly add to the burden. To outsmart this, you need to research ways to find cheaper alternatives to non-mandatory charges applied by the schools.

Take a GRE Practice Test to Find Out Where You Stand

It is essential to know where you stand in GRE to help you reach your target score. The official resources online offer a lot of GRE practice tests. You can try a full-length practice test under the environment similar to the real GRE test. This will give you a detailed score report, which includes answers and reasoning for the questions, as well as your performance on all the primary GRE topics. With this, you will know the areas, you need to focus. Meanwhile, you can compare your practice test score with the recent average GRE scores available on the grad school websites.

Have a Plan to Improve Upon Your Score

When you take a practice test, there will inevitably be correct answers for questions you are good at. At the same time, there are also question types that you are not conversant with. Make a GRE study plan depending on your strengths and weaknesses and the time you have. It can be one, two or three-month plan irrespective of whether you select an online program or a prep course. With a smart GRE prep plan, you can achieve the results you want. 

Study and Familiarize Yourself With the Test and Techniques

How to prepare for GRE depends majorly on your personal preferences and the amount of time. Before you start to study for the GRE, you should have a good understanding of what the test is. This includes the types of test questions, number of questions, directions, amount of time allotted for each part of the test and administrative procedures. The administrative procedures are about registration, date and time of the exam, cost, test centre, score-reporting procedures, and more.

The GRE test is a computer-delivered test conducted at several authorized test centers across the world, and it measures a student’s:

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Quantitative reasoning
  • Analytical writing skills

The verbal reasoning includes reading comprehension, text completion and sentence equivalence. With the reading comprehension, you are tested on a range of abilities, which are essential to read and understand different types of prose generally found in graduate school. The test completion questions measure your abilities for interpretation, evaluation and reasoning by reading short passages. As for the sentence equivalence, it measures your ability to conclude from the given information.

To attempt quantitative reasoning questions, you require basic, as well as elementary mathematical skills and the ability to understand the concepts and to reason quantitatively. The questions under this section are framed in real-life and mathematical settings, and are categorized into multiple choice, quantitative comparison and numeric entry questions.

The analytical writing section is meant to measure your critical thinking skills, as well as analytical writing skills. Your ability to develop and evaluate arguments, express and support complex ideas clearly and handle a focused and logical discussion is measured here.

Your GRE preparation requires you to focus on the way you approach questions in verbal sections in particular. The strategies you apply are important to solve the problems. As a part of a strategy, you should first ensure that you understand the type of response required for each GRE verbal question. For instance, the sentence equivalence part requires you to find two answer choices from a number of choices given. The technique to answer questions of such types require you to find the words that give the same meaning to the sentence. If you know one of them for sure, it will help you find the other one by narrowing down your choices.

With the reading comprehension passages, you have to count on evidence as the prime strategy. A test taker is tricked here with answer choices that are not rightly contradicted in the passage; however, that indeed has no evidence. As for the multiple choice questions in the reading comprehension section, you need to consider and assess each statement individually and evaluate it on its merit.

The analytical writing section need some strategies to learn how to use the 30 minutes effectively and improve your GRE score. A few of them include understand the topics, read the directions, frame the pro or con statements, state your opinion, support it with reasons and examples, and conclude.

Focus on Your Weaknesses

Whatever you do, an effective GRE preparation lies majorly on dealing with your weaknesses. All you have to do is to focus on the areas you struggle and find out the relevant materials to assist you in studying adaptively. Try to figure out why you find such areas or topics difficult. One way to deal with it is to identify ‘how you learn it’. Are you better at learning things by listening to them or writing them down? Here, determine you learning strength for a systematic approach to study and practice problems, which will help you to reach closer to your target GRE score. 

Get comfortable being uncomfortable

Let’s face it. College life is tough! So, get into the habit of being comfortable being uncomfortable and working hard. Really hard. Many students find that they’re inundated with work. There are deadlines for weekly tasks (such as readings) and monthly assignments (like essays and book reviews). When you’re sourcing material, reading, or referencing, sometimes it’s easy to let the stress get to you, and running for that snooze button may seem like an obvious choice but keep in mind that these are all parts of the learning process. If you resist that urge to reach the pause button, you’ll find yourself ahead of the curve.

Practice… Practice…

Ultimately, it is to practice if you want to do well on the test day. Cramming does not help you acquire the required skills. You can use practice tests online to develop the skills you are not good at. You need to follow your study time, maintain the right mental composure and eliminate your weaknesses through practice. The GRE – General Test can be taken online to join a graduate school. The test is administered under a test-taking environment at home, where the software uses AI technology to detect any test answers cheating by a test taker. Hence, a student cannot access any unauthorized browser during the test. Meanwhile, there is also a video to record the entire test session.

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