LoveMySkool LMS Now Checking for Plagiarism

LMS is Using Plagiarism Checkers for Students and Plagiarism Checking Tools for Teachers:

Plagiarism is a common problem for both teachers and students, which is why they need. LoveMySkool LMS is a Learning Management System, which helps educators all around the world to give proper education. LMS are now using plagiarism checkers to check for plagiarism.

What is LoveMySkool?

LoveMySkool LMS is helpful for teachers and students alike, as it provides a platform where all the features that these people need and want are built-in. The LoveMySkool LMS now has included a built-in plagiarism checker as well. 

The people or institutions that use the LoveMySkool are schools, universities, and teachers for online courses and training, and to keep track of the course content, as they are trying to provide with the best kind of education for the students that they possibly can. 

It’s because of all the built-in features of the students, as well as the teachers, can do a lot more than they previously could within a shorter period. 

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Students’ use of Plagiarism Checkers:

There are several plagiarism checkers for students, which can be used to detect duplicate content as well as can be used for grammar checks. Students generally cannot afford the costly plagiarism checkers, so they tend to use the free online plagiarism checkers to do plagiarism checks. 

Students generally submit their academic papers where they do not intend to do any plagiarism, as they want their works to be original. However, sometimes unintentionally, they have plagiarized parts. It is either because of a lack of research or due to poor paraphrasing of the sentences. 

To avoid such a situation as the one mentioned, plagiarism software for schools, which students can access, should be available so that they do not face any duplicate content issue while submitting their academic papers.

Teachers’ Need to use Plagiarism Tools:

There are many plagiarism checking tools for teachers. They need these to identify the copied content that is sometimes there in academic papers submitted by the students. These plagiarism detectors save time for the teachers too, they can also use free plagiarism checkers, to detect plagiarized content in any assignment. 

Sometimes students take help of illegal means and thus comes the idea of plagiarism. If the teacher uses plagiarism checkers, then they can detect plagiarism and avoid any crisis.

Online plagiarism checkers are of various kinds. They can be very costly which are not generally affordable for students, but there can be easily accessible checkers for students, which are suitable plagiarism detectors. 

Many assignments for plagiarism issue are not accepted, and a free version of plagiarism software can be responsible for the avoidance of such inconvenient situations.

Know the functions of the Learning Management System LMS

A learning management system just as the name suggests is software, which deals with online learning, and can provide with web-based training material. There are various features of LMS, which are as follows: 

  • This system manages the online courses and keeps track of the users and the progress they are making with the help of the study material that the teacher is providing in the LMS platform.
  • Teachers can create customized assessments for different students with the help of this platform. Tracking the attendance of the students has become possible through this system.
  • Students who use LMS can share their feedback with both their teachers as well as with their fellow batch mates.

Know About Intellectual Property:

Intellectual Property or IP is a type of property that consists of creations of the mind, or any inventions done by the human intellect. There are a variety of intellectual properties, and there are countries, which can identify a more significant number of these intellectual properties in comparison to others.

Creations and inventions by the human mind and intellect get protection from the Intellectual Property protection act. There are mainly four kinds of intellectual property, and those are as follows:

  • Patents: This type of IP protection gives property rights to the creation of an invention. It allows the patent holders to stop anyone other than himself or herself from being able to make, sell, or use the inventions or creations made by them. There are mainly three types of patents:
    • Utility
    • Design
    • Plant
  • Trademarks: A trademark is a design, phrase, symbol, or word that can distinguish the source of a particular product of one company from the company’s competitors. A business can get patent protection only if they are qualified enough, which means they have to have a very distinctive trademark. 
  • Trade Secrets: As the name suggests a trade secret is a piece of secret information, like a device, a formula, a process or any other information that a company keeps private to have a business advantage over their competitors. Different kinds of examples of a trade secret are as follows:
    • Soda formulas
    • Customer lists
    • Survey results
    • Computer algorithms
  • Copyrights: This again as the name suggests protects original works of authorship, like literary works or dramatic works, music, choreographic works, graphic works, computer software, and other. if the holder has copyright protection, then it makes them the only person who has the right to modify, perform, create, distribute, display, and even copy the work. Therefore, to save a person’s creativity, they can take help from the above mentioned intellectual property protection units. It will help in keeping the original work or idea distinguished among a sea of similar ideas.

Know about the User Interface

The user interface is the feature of a computer system, which allows the user to interact with the system. The five main types of the user interface are as follows:

  • Command-line (CLI)
  • Graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Menu-driven (MDI)
  • Form-based (FBI)
  • Natural language (nli)


The inclusion of a plagiarism checker in a platform like the LoveMySkool LMS is advantageous. It helps educators throughout the world. Another advantage of this management system is its affordability, which increases the factor of usage by a high level. 

This system also provides personalized learning, which is appreciated by all the students. The compilation of all the materials in one big platform increases efficiency and productivity, which is another big deal for a student and a teacher or any educational institution. 

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