All New Aggregate Plagiarism Score in Education Report

After many months of creating and testing, we are excited to launch our brand new education report. See how our latest way of showing results has made teachers lives easier:

Pie Chart & Percentages

We decided to put in the pie chart for when you want a quick glance of how similar submitted content is.  We have broken down the chart into three categories:

Identical– exact wording in the text

Similar– Nearly identical with different form

Related meaning– close meaning but different words

Generally, every teacher has their own percentage in mind of how much similarity is allowed so when you see the yellow portion of the chart, hover over to get the exact number.

Results Breakdown

You now see the results on the right side of the original document you have scanned and can easily click through the similar documents in order to see the comparison of your document to the similar one. You now have the ability to filter your results including which sources are shown, and the kind of word similarity (ie identical, related meaning) so that only the sources relevant to you are shown.

Our new education report is the plagiarism detection feature so many of you wrote in asking for and we are very happy to finally release it. Let us know what you think!

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