New Repository Storage Feature Now Available

New Repository Storage Feature Available

We’re so excited to share something that we’ve been working on for a few months after many requests. Our repositories feature is now live and allows your organization to safely store documents in a private environment, and compare against other documents whether they’re online or in your repository.

Creating a Repository 

Setting up a repository is easy and quick. Choose if you would like a monthly or yearly plan with the number of pages that will be stored during that time. You can always increase your plan to allow more storage space. 

Once you have created a repository, you can then invite other team members to access it on their own. We recommend inviting a group if you have multiple users and can give each user specific permissions like viewing documents, the ability to upload, and full control over the repository.

Uploading Documents to the Repository

When you’re ready to start uploading your own documents to a repository, go to new Plagiarism Scan. Here, you can add up to 100 files to the repository at once. Make sure you choose the repository under “sources” that you want to store the documents in. Once you have documents stored in the repository, you can later compare new documents against documents that already exist inside to see if there are any similarities.

Using our API? See how to upload your documents to the repository.

Privacy & Data Masking

If you upload documents to the repository, your documents are completely safe and private. Since Copyleaks is only hosting your documents, no one will have access to view any data that is in the documents themselves except for your team members.

We’ve made it super easy for the repository admin to mask the content that is being stored in each repository. This means that when you are scanning against documents that are in your repository, you will be able to choose if you want to show the full result content or hide it.

Learn more about Copyleaks’ data masking policy.

Start storing your content in a private and secure Copyleaks repository today. 

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